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Elias Aguigah, Saint-Denis (La Réunion)

My name is Elias Aguigah and I am 20 years old. At Freie Universität I am in my fifth semester of social and cultural anthropology and political science. Since the middle of August, I have been in Réunion Island, where I am spending a semester as an ERASMUS exchange student. I am very happy to write about my semester abroad because that gives me a good opportunity to collect and think about my impressions. I am looking forward to sharing information about this unique island and life in a place that is part of Europe, but very far away.

Naive Expectations and Valuable Experiences

In Elias Aguigah’s final “Letter from Saint-Denis,” he looks back over his semester abroad on Reunion Island

Between Scheduling Chaos and Sports Courses

Letter from Saint-Denis: Elias Aguigah has been enjoying diving, futsal, and cycling to recover from a constantly changing weekly schedule.

Adventures for a City Kid

In his second letter from St. Denis, Elias Aguigah raves about how varied nature is on La Réunion

“Europe is simultaneously near and far away”

Elias Aguigah arrived safely in Saint-Denis – after an eventful journey.