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Sonja Poschenrieder, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Today, world travel is accessible to us at a young age: A 9th-grade trip to the United States; after the Abitur, Australia – but then what? Back to my roots! My grandpa was from Hinterschweinhöf in Austria. I am originally from the Allgäu region in Swabia (southern Germany). And my grandma? She’s from the former Yugoslavia. That’s what brought me to Ljubljana. I am 22 years old and in my fourth semester of the psychology degree program in Berlin. Slovenia is quite a change of scenery: mountains, the Soča River, the Mediterranean Sea, and really close to other eastern European countries. “Živijo” means “hello.” “Metelkova” is an alternative cultural center. I’ll figure out the rest while I’m there. It’s not my first time traveling alone.

Journey to My Roots

In her last letter from Ljubljana, Sonja Poschenrieder went in search of her roots: Family stories about her grandparents and great-grandparents led her to today’s Serbia.

An Interesting Mix in Slovenia

Letter from Ljubljana: Sonja Poschenrieder is enjoying the hustle and bustle in the city and peace and quiet in nature.

Zdravo from Slovenia!

A sports accident delayed Sonja’s arrival in Ljubljana – now she can finally explore the country.