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Julian Jestadt, Jerusalem

My name is Julian, and I am 24 years old. In October, I’m going to Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I will continue to work on my master’s degree in philosophy while I am there for the semester. As a German, I feel that I have a responsibility to get to know Israel and the people there better and to find out more about the conflicts going on in the country. Jerusalem is the best place to do just that. During my time abroad, I want to immerse myself in the religious, political, and historical complexity of the city. I will share my experiences in writing and photographs.

Israel between Demonization and Idealization

In his last letter from Jerusalem, Julian Jestadt reflects on his visits to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and the Arafat Museum.

Diagnosis: Jerusalem Syndrome

Writing from Israel, Julian Jestadt observes and reflects on the religiosity displayed in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Between the Lines

Julian Jestadt wrote from Jerusalem: Recently he was in the West Bank for the second time.

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Julian Jestadt has been studying philosophy in Israel since October and is sending us “Letters from Jerusalem”