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II A 2 - Personnel Management

Garystraße 45
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838 454 538


  • Angelika Alam (II A 2), Tel. +49 30 838 542 55, Fax +49 30 838 454 255,
    Email: a.alam@fu-berlin.de

II A 21 - Deputy Head, Individual Position Matters

Representative of the group leader; without student employees: Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, History and Cultural Studies and Excellence, ZUV Dept. III and IV, Evaluation of third-party funded positions

II A 22 - Individual Position Matters

Excluding student employees: Department of Political and Social Sciences, JFK, LAI, OEI, Excellence, MvBZ and University Sports Centers, UB (incl. UB-CeDiS) and its applications (letters N to Z).

II A 23 -  Individual Position Matters

excluding student employees: Dept. of History and Cultural Studies and Excellence, ZE BGBM, ZUV Dept. V and VI; evaluation of third-party funded positions

II A 24 -  Individual Position Matters

eAS, student employees: departments of mathematics, computer science and physics, philosophy and humanities, all areas of excellence, collaboration in the E-Recruiting II A 2 project, editing of the job advertiser

II A 25 - Individual Position Matters, Invoice Processing

Dept. I, student employees: Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Education and Psychology, History and Culture, Political and Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, ZEn BGBM, DRS and MvBZ, ZIs DSE, JFK, LAI, OEI, Invoice Processing

II A 26 - Editorial Office for Job Advertisements

Excluding student employees: Departments of Education and Psychology and Excellence, President's Office, ZEn DRS and Language Center, ZI DSE, ZUV Dept. II, special departments (Collegium Musicum, Research Association SED State, staff representatives, etc.)

II A 01 - Individual Position Matters

excluding student employees: departments of Philosophy and Humanities, Veterinary Medicine and Excellence, Departmental Libraries, University Library (incl. UB-CeDIS) and their applications (letter A-M)

II A 02 - Individual Position Matters

Departments of (incl. student employees) Geosciences, Law and Economics, ZEDAT

II A 1 T

Without student employees: Dept. of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, ZE Student Advisory Service