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II A 2 - Personnel Management

Garystraße 45
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838 454 538

II A 2 - Acting Head

Individual position matters excluding student employees: Central institute Language Center, Dahlem Research School; Div. II, Staff representatives; Executive Board; SED-Staat; Collegium Musicum

II A 21 - Deputy of the Acting Head

Individual position matters excluding student employees: Department of Political and Social Sciences; central institutes OEI, JFK, LAI; ZE Studber.; Div. I (without training) and Div. III

II A 22 - Individual Position Matters

Excluding student employees: Department of Education and Psychology, central institutes DSE and University Library (departmental and central libraries)

II A 23 -  Individual Position Matters

excluding student employees: central admin Divs. V and VI; Botanic Garden; Departments of Veterinary Medicine and History and Cultural Studies

II A 24 -  Individual Position Matters

without Stud. Employees for School of Business & Economics, Department of Law, as well as Central Facilities Hochschulsport and MvBZ; Project Management E-Recruiting II; general IT issues

II A 25 - Individual Position Matters

Div. I; School of Business and Economics; Departments of Law and Earth Sciences, all student employees (except Dept. of Philosophy and Humanities, Political and Social Sciences, central institutes OEI, JFK, LAI and OEI); Invoice Processing; editing job offers

II A 26

  • N.N.

II A 27 - Individual Position Matters

excluding student employees: Departments BCP and University Library admin (Central Library and University Archives)

II A 28 - Individual Position Matters

excluding student employees: Departments of Earth Sciences, MathInfo and Physics, Philosophy and Humanities; ZUV Dept. IV and FUB-IT

II A 201 - Individual Position Matters

Stud. Employees for all areas; for Dept. I (training only); administration; editorial staff of job advertisement and advertising agency

Gökhan Saygi, Tel. +49 30 838 668 03
E-Mail: goekhan.saygi@fu-berlin.de