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Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Core subject Social and Cultural Anthropology (2007 study regulations)

  • Ethnographien

    • 29651 Graduate Course
      Grenzen und Grenzziehungen in afrikanischen Kontexten (Andrea Behrends)
      Schedule: Di 12:00-14:00 (Class starts on: 2017-10-17)
      Location: Boltzmannstr.20 - K019 (Anbau Hörsaal)
    • 29652 Graduate Course
      Sensory landscapes of home (Kirstin zu Hohenlohe)
      Schedule: Mi 12:00-14:00, zusätzliche Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2017-10-18)
      Location: Boltzmannstr.20 - K019 (Anbau Hörsaal)
    • Supportive Classes 0108bA0.1
    • Fach- und Theoriegeschichte 0108bA1.1
    • Methods of Social and Cultural Anthropology 0108bA1.2
    • Languages 0108bA2.1
    • Sozialstruktur und Wirtschaft 0108bB1.1
    • Cosmologies and Local Knowledge 0108bB1.2
    • Culture, Media, and Globalization 0108bB1.4
    • Fachsprachliche Kompetenz 0108bB2.1
    • Final Colloquium 0108bE1.1
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