Graduate Survey

The 2015/16 winter semester marks the seventh time that Freie Universität Berlin has participated in the nationwide survey of German graduates managed by the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) Kassel within the KOAB "Studienbedingungen und Berufserfolg" project.

The survey of graduates, which encompasses all disciplines, aims to solicit retrospective evaluations of students’ degree programs or doctoral study periods to determine the extent to which the degree programs offered prepare students for the requirements of working life and where there is a need for further development of degree programs.

To the extent that this already applies to graduates, the survey also aims to determine what opportunities the degrees newly created in the course of the Bologna Process (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) open up on the labor market.

For further information on the graduate survey, the questionnaire, and the results of past surveys, please see the survey website: Graduate Survey.