Courses for international exchange students

Courses for international exchange students


If you study at Freie Universität Berlin for one or two semesters in the context of an exchange program (ERASMUS or direct exchange), you may sign up for our courses. The following pages will give you more information about the program.

Program: Courses in our program cover key aspects of German history, culture, and society in a European perspective, providing knowledge relevant to an understanding of current affairs, culture and everyday life in contemporary Berlin (and Germany more generally), help you acquire academic and intercultural skills which are useful in a German-speaking academic environment and give you more confidence regarding your spoken and written (academic) German.You will find further information about the content of the program here.


  • All courses take place once per week (90 minutes), with up to 25 students per course. At the end of the semester, there is a written exam. Students get 5 ECTS credits per course.
  • About half of the courses are open to students from all academic fields, the other courses are especially for students in Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. Most courses are taught in German (at B1 or B 2 level); there are up to five courses taught in English (B2 level). The majority of courses is designed for undergraduate students; there is, however, one course especially for students at Master's level.
  • Here you will find the courses available in the coming semester.

Team: Here you will find information about the people: The coordinator, the student tutors, the lecturers and the secretary.

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