German Language Skills

German language skills at a certain level are required for German-speaking, continuing education master’s programs. It is obligatory for all applicants, who have earned their initial degree from a university / equivalent institution abroad to submit a proof of German language skills.

For most continuing education master’s programs it is required to demonstrate German language skills at the level of DSH 2 in accordance with the German higher education entrance examination (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerberinnen und -bewerber, DSH) or by means of equivalents to the DSH.

If you are not yet able to prove skills at the required level (see above), you have to prove a minimum level of German language skills based on the following certificates for application:

  • language certificate of the completed course B2 CEFR
  • DSH 1 certificate
  • TestDaF (German as a Foreign Language) with at least the grade of 3 in all four parts

In case of admission, you will receive an invitation for the DSH exam together with your notice of admission

We strongly recommend submitting your German language certificate (DSH 2 or equivalent) together with your application for the master’s program.

For some continuing education master’s programs a lower language level than DSH 2 is required. Please see the following regulations for an overview of those programs. The abovementioned certificates are accepted as proof.

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