New international project: sustainable development and social inequalities in the Andean Region

Freie Universität Berlin is extending it’s sustainability network

News from Nov 28, 2016

Berlin Sustainability Talk by Nikolai Bobylev

In April, Nikolai Bobylev from St. Petersburg State University has participated the UAS Spring Campus at Freie Universität Berlin. Now he is revisiting our University with thoughts on use of urban underground spaces.

News from Nov 17, 2016

New Publication by UAS-fellow Berthold Kuhn

Based on his UAS Senior Research Stay in Beijing, Berthold Kuhn (FUB) has published a paper on Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development in China.

News from Nov 08, 2016

FUB Podcast: Energy Transition in Asia

Listen to UAS fellow Simon Schöning talking about energy transition in Vietnam!

News from Nov 03, 2016

Joint Workshop on Urban and Regional Sustainability

On the afternoon of October 10, 2016, a delegation led by Prof. Brigitta Schütt, Vice-President of Freie Universität Berlin visited the Peking University's School of Urban and Environmental Sciences to participate in the symposium organized by the Department of Urban and Regional Management and the School of Government.

News from Oct 26, 2016

Gardening @ partner universities

Check out how the UAS partner universities are greening their campuses!

News from Sep 12, 2016

Climate Change Already Started 180 Years Ago

Study indicates industrial revolution had noticeable impact on global warming.

News from Sep 05, 2016

New Publication by UAS-fellow Josef van Wijk

At the Spring Campus in April, Josef van Wijk has held a presentation on the construction of urgency discourse around mega-projects – now he has turned his research into a publication.

News from Sep 01, 2016

Prof. Xue Ling visits FUB

Prof. Xue Ling will visit Freie Universität Berlin on an UAS Senior Research Stay for one month in August.

News from Aug 05, 2016

HUJI Publication: The Social Clock of Honeybees

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that honeybee circadian rhythms are affected more by social interactions than by sunlight.

News from Jul 25, 2016

Talking about Sustainability with Andreas Wanke

Sustainability Talk with the Head of FUB’s Sustainability and Energy Management Unit is available online.

News from Jul 22, 2016

Public lecture: Sustainable Development in China

The lecture will be held by UAS fellow Berthold Kuhn.

News from Jul 18, 2016

Talk: The Effectiveness of Climate Protection Policies

The talk is hosted by the Environmental Policy Research Center.

News from Jul 11, 2016

Internship Opportunity at FUB's Beijing Office

The Beijing Office of Freie Universität Berlin is looking for an intern for 6 months.

News from Jul 08, 2016

Upcoming Berlin Sustainability Talk

The next Berlin Sustainability Talk will be on the topic "People, Progress and Participation".

News from Jun 27, 2016

ISCN Conference 2016

Since 2014, the Freie Universität Berlin is a member of ISCN. Within this network, more than 80 universities are connecting and exchanging information and ideas on all levels of sustainability within the higher education area. Three of the five partners of the “University Alliance for Sustainability” (UAS) are also members of this network and use the conferences to connect and present the UAS activities.

News from Jun 24, 2016