Studienkolleg Makes Fit For Study

Your qualification is not recognized as sufficient to apply for a degree program? If you are not sure, please check at Anabin. A one-year school-type preparation at the Studienkolleg will help! The preparatory course includes full-time education during five days per week, in the subjects of a degree-program related course and in German. The final Assessment Exam entitles you to apply for suitable degree programs at all German universities. Application for other degree programs will require additional Assessment Exams.

You can take the Assessment Exam also without taking part in the Studienkolleg, if your self-organized preparation is sufficient.

If you want to attend the Studienkolleg with the intention to study either at theFreie Universität Berlin or at theHumboldt Universität zu Berlin (except for most science programs) or the Charité, you need to apply via uni-assist only once, not separately for each institution. Admission to the Studienkolleg requires German skills and an Entry Test.

Since preparation for most science programs (e.g. Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry,  Physics, Geological Sciences, except for Biochemistry and Biology) is offered by the Technische Universität Berlin, you must apply via uni-assist for the Studienkolleg of the Technische Universität Berlin if you want to study your degree program at the Freie Universität or the Humboldt-Universität.

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Last Update: Dec 12, 2013