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How Do International Study Programs Function?

Publication on Joint and Double Degree Programs

№ 2/2010 from Jan 04, 2010

A new publication by Freie Universität Berlin and the New York Institute of International Education provides insights into transnational study programs between the United States and Europe. It focuses on how such cooperative programs are developed and established. In the book Joint and Double Degree Programs: An Emerging Model for Transatlantic Exchange, practitioners and experts from European and U.S. universities analyze their experience with international study programs. The volume provides important insights into successful approaches.

Joint and double degree programs are becoming increasingly important for universities and students around the world, according to the book’s editors, Daniel Obst at the Institute of International Education and Matthias Kuder at the Center for International Cooperation at Freie Universität Berlin. They base this statement on an initial study they published in early 2009 showing that over 80 percent of the surveyed universities in Europe and the U.S. plan joint study programs with foreign partner institutions. This latest publication is intended as a contribution to the resulting need for exchange of information about experiences with such programs. The volume also sheds light on the potential of joint degree programs.

The publication is part of the Transatlantic Degree Programs project sponsored by the Atlantis Program of the EU Commission and the U.S. Department of Education. The book is available for purchase at

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