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Through press releases, Freie Universität Berlin informs journalists about current events within the university. This could include new courses of study, international cooperation, the conferral of an honorary doctorate, newly approved collaborative research centers, or outstanding research results. The list of international press releases comprises a subset of those published in German.

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Facilitate Understanding

Public Conference on Translating, Editing, and Promoting a Peripheral Literature in Germany on December 15, 2014, at Freie Universität Berlin

Nov 19, 2014

The Center for Modern Greek Studies (CeMoG) at Freie Universität Berlin is holding a conference on December 15, 2014, that is devoted to the promotion of, translation, and translatability of a peripheral literature, its language, and culture in Germany. The participants will include literary historians, individuals engaged in the cultural sector, journalists, and editors, as well as agents, publishers, authors, and translators. In lectures and panel discussions they will discuss important aspects of the topic with a particular focus on Greek literature. The conference is public, and admission is free.

Reading Comics in the Institute Library

New Comic Book Collection in the John F. Kennedy Institute of Freie Universität to Open November 25

Nov 18, 2014

The greatly expanded collection of comics in the library of Freie Universität Berlin's John F. Kennedy Institute (JFKI) will be opened on November 25, 2014, with a presentation of current cartoons by the popular American cartoonist, Keith Knight. The expansion of the collection of American graphic novels and historical and current comics was made possible by the chair of the prestigious researcher of North American studies, Frank Kelleter. The collection is being added to continuously, thanks to cooperation with the Comic Arts Collection at Michigan State University – the largest collection of its kind. The library in the JFKI is the only academic library in Germany to systematically collect American comics. The vernissage is open to the public, and admission is free.

Visiting Professor at Freie Universität Recipient of Voss Translation Prize

Award Presentation for Anne Birkenhauer in May 2015 in London

Nov 14, 2014

Anne Birkenhauer is being awarded the 2015 Johann Heinrich Voss Prize for Literary Translation from the German Academy for Language and Poetry. The prize is endowed with 15,000 euros. Birkenhauer, who lives in Israel, is currently the August Wilhelm von Schlegel Visiting Professor for the Poetics of Translation at Freie Universität Berlin during the 2014/2015 fall/winter semester.

Key Protein Decrypted

Scientists from Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Tübingen, and ETH Zürich Develop 3D Model of Regulator Protein Bax

Nov 13, 2014

Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin, the University of Tubingen, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) provide a new 3D model of the protein Bax, a key regulator of cell death. When active, Bax forms pores in the membranes of mitochondria, causing the release of proteins from the intermembrane space into the cytoplasm. This in turn triggers a series of operations ending in cell death, which are often impaired in cancer cells. Using Double Electron-Electron Resonance spectroscopy, a research group headed by Professor Enrica Bordignon at Freie Universität has now shown that active Bax is present on the membrane in the form of dimeric assemblies whose clamp-like structures have a central role in the pore formation process. Previous scientific efforts could only provide the crystal structure of the truncated core domain of Bax, but the full-length structure of the protein has remained elusive to date. The 3D model presented by the scientists can explain the way Bax functions and thereby may help future development of new cancer drugs. The findings were published in the prestigious online journal Molecular Cell.

Everyday Life of Muslims

Vernissage of Exhibition "Framing Muslims" by Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies on November 18 at Freie Universität

Nov 12, 2014

An exhibition to open on November 18, 2014, at Freie Universität Berlin will depict ordinary and sometimes underrepresented situations from the everyday life of Muslims in various countries. The diversity of life experiences of Muslims around the world will be demonstrated with photographs, objects, and excerpts from articles by members of the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS). The aim is to expand the often one-sided impressions of Islam as extremely religious, male-dominated, and traditional to include more diverse impressions of the everyday life of Muslims. The exhibition "Framing Muslims" is being organized by doctoral students in the multidisciplinary BGSMCS. The vernissage is public, and admission is free. The director of BGSMCS, Prof. Dr. Gudrun Krämer, will be present.

Help Name the Weather

Institute of Meteorology Sells Naming Rights for Highs and Lows in 2015 / campus.leben Online Magazine Raffles Off One of the Last Low Pressure Zones in 2014

Nov 11, 2014

The meteorologists at Freie Universität can help in the search for a unique Christmas present: As in previous years, the institute is selling naming rights to high and low pressure areas for the coming year. In 2015 highs will be given female names, and lows male names. Naming a high costs 299 euros, a low only 199 euros; in both cases 19 percent VAT is added. The names of the high and low pressure systems are used by many media in their weather reports. Whoever purchases naming rights, receives a certificate in advance, and later a packet with a detailed history of the high or low zone they named.

Getting at Parasites

German Research Foundation Funds New Research Training Group at Freie Universität

Nov 10, 2014

A new Research Training Group to study parasitic infections in humans and animals is being set up at Freie Universität Berlin. On Monday the German Research Foundation (DFG) approved funding for the Research Training Group "Parasite Infections: From Experimental Models to Natural Systems." Within this group doctoral researchers will analyze the interactions of selected parasites with their hosts. Specific examples are the causative agents of malaria, toxoplasma, giardia, and various other worm infections. The researchers will take up their work on April 15, 2015, and will initially be funded for four and a half years. The coordinator is Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartmann from the Institute of Immunology at Freie Universität. Research Training Groups offer doctoral researchers an opportunity to earn their doctorate within a structured research and qualification program with a high degree of professional credibility.

British Computer Conservation Society Honors Computer Science Professor Rojas

Tony Sale Award for Rojas's Contributions to the History of Computer Science

Nov 10, 2014

Computer science professor Raúl Rojas from Freie Universität Berlin has been recognized by the British Computer Conservation Society. The Society – a joint association of the British Computer Society and the Science Museum in London – honored Rojas with the 2014 Tony Sale Award. The award ceremony took place in London. The award was given for Rojas's outstanding contributions to the history of computer science, in particular with regard to the technical and theoretical reconstruction of major computing machines. Robert Garner from the Computer History Museum in California was the co-winner.

Plant Flowers and Protect Wild Bees

Conservation Activities on November 12 and 13 at Freie Universität

Nov 07, 2014

TThe sustainability initiative SUSTAIN IT! at Freie Universität, the Studentenwerk Berlin, and the "Berlin summt" initiative are organizing flower bulb planting days at Freie Universität. Students and other members of Freie Universität as well as anyone from the neighborhood is invited to come on November 12 and 13 to plant bulbs next to the terrace of the Vegetarian Dining Hall (Mensa) on Van’t-Hoff-Straße in Dahlem. Bulbs of early bloomers such as tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, and blue stars will be available for planting. Early blooming flowers are an important food source for wild bees. The initiators of the project wish to draw attention to the ecological importance of wild bees, which are threatened with extinction.

Brazil Following the Presidential Elections

Panel Discussion on Presidential Elections in Brazil on November 10, 2014, at Freie Universität Berlin

Nov 04, 2014

The Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) at Freie Universität Berlin is hosting a panel discussion on November 10, 2014, devoted to the impact the re-election of Dilma Rousseff as Brazil's President. The participants will discuss the impact on the policy and economy of the country as well as the reasons for the close election results. The discussion will be moderated by sociologist Renata Motta, a researcher at LAI. The discussants will include Sérgio Costa, a professor of the sociology of Latin America, LAI; Barbara Fritz, a professor of economics at LAI; and the visiting professor Lucio R. Rennó, a political scientist at Universidade de Brasilia. They will analyze the election campaign, election results, and their consequences for Brazil. The discussion will be held in German and English. The event is open to anyone who is interested, and admission is free.

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