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Improving the Knowledge Base of Laws

Scholars at Freie Universität Coordinate Network of Excellence of the European Commission for Policy Impact Assessment

№ 332/2009 from Nov 24, 2009

What are the consequences of laws for policy? Why is their implementation often difficult? Why are alterations often necessary? The Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) of Freie Universität coordinates jointly with the Dutch research institute Alterra a network for policy impact initiated by the European Commission. Over the next four and a half years, a total of 15 universities and research institutes in Europe will work to develop instruments that can be used to improve the knowledge base of laws. The project is being funded with a total of seven million euros, approximately 800,000 of which will go to Freie Universität. The coordinator at Freie Universität is Dr. Klaus Jacob.

In almost all European countries, a policy impact analysis is required for proposed legislation in all policy areas. This network supports the impact assessment in particular of sustainability aspects by collecting data and developing modeling methods and other analytical methods. The research project is intended to result in an interface between science and academia and politics: researchers will be able to utilize the results for regulatory impact assessment, while government representatives can gather knowledge to use for the preparation of laws. Through their many years of experience in analyzing policy impact assessment, the researchers of Freie Universität are well-equipped to contribute to the successful utilization of new procedures in policy impact assessment.

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