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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus Guest at Freie Universität Berlin

"Citizen Entrepreneurship" Workshop as Part of Vision Summit 2009 Seeks to Stimulate Creative Start-ups

№ 306/2009 from Nov 03, 2009

As part of the Vision Summit 2009 a workshop called "Citizen Entrepreneurship" will be held on November 7 at Freie Universität Berlin. The Vision Summit this year is being held under the theme "Social Business – Another Wall to Fall." In the workshop at Freie Universität the focus will be on encouraging young people to devise innovative approaches. One of the guests will be Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus. The workshop is being held by Günter Faltin’s Entrepreneurship Foundation. Faltin is a professor of business education and entrepreneurship at Freie Universität.

To kick off the event at Freie Universität Professor Muhammad Yunus will make the point that economics can also be operated differently, and better, than conventional economists often want to believe.

The objective of the workshop is to enable participants to develop their initial ideas into economically viable, innovative concepts.  In particular, components will be presented that company founders can use to run parts of their business professionally from existing modules so that they can concentrate fully on their core tasks.

Moderated by Professor Faltin, several key players will present their experiences. They include Professor Frithjof Bergmann, Hernando de Soto, Maritta Koch-Weser (The Global Exchange for Social Investment), Holger Johnson (Ebuero AG), Professor Stephan Breidenbach, Holm Friebe, Otto Herz, and Dr. Gerhard Huhn.

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