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Strong in Research and International: Political Scientists at Freie Universität among the Best in Europe

CHE Ranking Classifies the Subject in the Excellence Group

№ 298/2009 from Oct 28, 2009

Political science at Freie Universität Berlin is among Europe’s top addresses for students in master’s and doctoral degree programs in this discipline. In the 2009 “ExcellenceRanking” by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), Freie Universität’s Department of Political and Social Sciences was found to be particularly strong in research as well as internationally oriented and was included in the “Excellence Group” of the 18 best German universities.

The political scientists at Freie Universität received the best ratings above all in the following five evaluation categories: number of publications, mobility of students and faculty, international students in master’s degree programs, and international doctoral degree candidates.

"The international orientation of the courses is a direct result of the research strength of our political science. Our joint and double degree programs bring an eclectic mix of highly qualified international students to Berlin," states the First Vice President of Freie Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl. The ranking also shows “that the Department of Political and Social Sciences not only provides excellent third-party funded research, but can also demonstrate internationally outstanding courses in the research-oriented master's degree programs,” according to Prof. Dr. Klaus Beck, Dean of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of Freie Universität Berlin.

The CHE ExcellenceRanking consists of a two-step procedure, using certain criteria to first select a group of outstanding universities. Detailed subject-specific data and student surveys are then made of the universities in this group to select excellent academic departments. With this ranking CHE aims to give students and young scientists guidance in their search for the best master’s and doctoral degree programs.  

In the first phase of the European ExcellenceRanking in 2007 that evaluated mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics Freie Universität was already in the Top Group in all disciplines. The second phase undertaken in 2009 included political science, economics, and psychology. CHE has now announced the results for seven subjects and over 2000 research groups in 20 European countries.

Freie Universität also regularly achieves very good results in the nationwide CHE university rankings published annually, being included in the top group of 15 different disciplines in one or more criteria.

The Current Ranking Results Online: