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"durakult" in Finals of Concept Phase in Science4Life Venture Cup

Biotechnology Company "durakult" Sponsored by Freie Universität Awarded for Development of Bioreactor System

№ 45/2009 from Mar 06, 2009

The biotech company, durakult, that was supported by profund, the business start-up support service at Freie Universität, is in the finals of the concept phase in the Science4Life Venture Cup 2009. The new company was honored for its patented bioreactor system, through which microorganisms can be optimized and stabilized. The Science4Life Venture Cup is funded by the State of Hesse and the private company, Sanofi-aventis. The award recognizes the most innovative business ideas in the chemical and life sciences.

The "durakult" project was initiated by Dr. Jens Baumgardt and Dr. Claudia Keil, members of the Microbiology II research group headed by Professor Rupert Mutzel at the Institute of Biology at Freie Universität Berlin. Durakult developed and patented a bioreactor system making it possible to optimize and stabilize microorganisms in cultures. In addition, with durakult technology, it is possible to cultivate strains of bacteria from nature not yet cultivated. The bioreactor system cleans itself automatically and thus achieves an almost indefinite life. In contrast to conventional techniques, the cells produced with the durakult technology are not considered as genetically modified, but rather develop their own properties according to the mechanisms of evolution.

The company is supported by profund, the start-up support service at Freie Universität Berlin, and receives funding through the EXIST Transfer progrm of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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  • Dr. Jens Baumgardt, Managing Director of durakult
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