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100 Years of Weather Observation Thanks to Weather Adoption

Adopt-a-Vortex for 2009 – Starting October 1st, 00:00 (GMT+2)

№ 285/2008 from Sep 26, 2008

The meteorologists of Freie Universität Berlin will continue their program of Adopt-a-Vortex into 2009 (details under Since 1954, the Institute of Meteorology of Freie Universität Berlin has been naming highs or lows that influence Central European weather. High pressure systems in 2009 will have female names and low pressure systems male names – prices are: €299 for highs and €199 for lows.

With Adopt-a-Vortex everybody is able to participate in the naming process. Adopting-a-vortex makes it possible to continue the comprehensive weather and climate observation carried out at the Institute of Meteorology of Freie Universität.

Thanks to the weather adoption campaign, the climate series was able to celebrate its 100th anniversary in April, 2008. Weather observation in Berlin-Dahlem has been supported by this campaign since 2002. The program has been so successful that the objective of continuing weather observation by students in one of the world’s largest meteorological surveys was achieved once again this year.

Sponsorship of a pressure system makes an ideal and original gift for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions. It is also used by a number of our sponsors to increase the general awareness of their interesting, yet less common, first names. Over 1200 participants from 13 European countries in addition to Japan and the United States have already been won over as clients.

Many of the media use the names of the vortices in their weather reports. The students and staff of the institute would welcome more of this in the future, as funding for continued weather observation can only be guaranteed through active participation by the public and the media.

For further information, please contact:

Department of Earth Sciences of Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Meteorology
Campaign "Weather Adoption"

• Gera Rohlfing, Robert Hausen, Telephone: +49 (0)30 838 71226,

• Petra Grasse, Thomas Dümmel, Telephone: +49 (0)30 838 71222,