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Freie Universität Berlin Opens Branch Office in China

№ 107/2007 from Jun 01, 2007

Freie Universität Berlin opened a branch office in Beijing. Along with offices in New York and Moscow, this is the third international location of Freie Universität. An additional branch in New Delhi is in the pipeline. With the establishment of these branch offices, Freie Universität Berlin continues to pursue its strategy as an international network university.

The support of alumni activities in China is one of the objectives of Freie Universität Berlin’s Beijing Office situated in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)’s branch office in China. Another important role of this office will be to aid in the implementation of the new field of area studies at Freie Universität. During the course of study for the bachelor's degree in area studies, students are encouraged to complete a six-month internship abroad that serves to improve their language skills, helps them to gain knowledge about the country as well as intercultural know-how, and provides them with general professional training. An additional incentive for students to take advantage of these internships is that they are worth 30 credits toward the degree requirements. The acquisition of high-quality internships for students from Freie Universität and the placement of students in such internships are important goals of the Beijing office.

Among German universities, Freie Universität Berlin was one of the first to initiate contacts with institutions of higher education in China. The contract establishing formal cooperation with the University of Peking was concluded in 1981. Currently, Freie Universität maintains partnerships with six universities in China.

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