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News from Sep 20, 2016 | Education

Horion 2020: Consultation on Cloud-Computing

Until October 10th, the European Commission is carrying out a public consultation on research topics in the field of Cloud-Computing for the ICT- Work Programme 2018 – 2020 under Horizon 2020.

News from Sep 19, 2016 | EU Liaison Office in Brussels

Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) – Get Your Math PhD in Berlin

The Berlin Mathematical School is a joint endeavor of the mathematics’ departments at the universities in Berlin: Freie Universität (FU), Humboldt-Universität (HU) and Technische Universität (TU). We offer an excellent doctoral program taught in English in a broad and active research environment together with mentoring programs, language courses, soft-skills seminars, funding for summer schools and conferences, a buddy program and funding for students with children.

News from Sep 15, 2016 | EU Liaison Office in Brussels

FURUSINFO #29. 09.2016

News from Sep 15, 2016 | Moscow Office

When the Biological Clock of Plants Is Disturbed

Plants coordinate their physiological and developmental processes over the course of the day. Scientists at the Dahlem Center of Plant Sciences (DCPS), Freie Universität, recently discovered a new form of stress in plants that they have named circadian stress. Their findings indicate that it is caused by a change in the day-night rhythm. The plant hormone cytokinin plays an important role in protecting the plants against this stress.

News from Sep 12, 2016 | Press

Keeping Memory Alive

In February 1987, restaurant operator Detlef Armstark, then 26, had run up so much debt that the East German state-owned wholesale company no longer wanted to deliver to him. He was also listed by the East German secret police, the Stasi, in their “Vorverdichtungs-, Such- und Hinweiskartei” (literally “pre-compilation, search, and reference file”), which contained information on certain individuals. Armstark was convinced that he no longer had a future ahead of him in the German Democratic Republic, so he decided to flee.

News from Sep 12, 2016 | Press

It’s Not Just the Genes

Atopic dermatitis is a disease that is difficult to study because it has many different causes and not all of them are known. There is no way to prevent the disease, and very little clarity has been achieved to date regarding its mechanisms. But Sarah Hedtrich, a junior professor with a doctorate in pharmacology, could help to change that soon: She has been able to show that genetic causes play less of a role in the emergence of atopic dermatitis than had previously been believed. Hedtrich has received the “Research On Skin-Dryness Award” (R.O.S.A.) for her research.

News from Sep 12, 2016 | Press

Gardening @ partner universities

Check out how the UAS partner universities are greening their campuses!

News from Sep 12, 2016 | University Alliance for Sustainability