New international project: sustainable development and social inequalities in the Andean Region

Freie Universität Berlin is extending it’s sustainability network

News from Nov 28, 2016 | University Alliance for Sustainability

Climate Change on Fast-forward

Climate change is in full swing, but how do flora and fauna respond to it? Are there only losers, or do some species actually benefit? And how do certain species manage to adapt? Biologists all over the world are engaged in lab experiments to find out. But how realistic are they?

News from Nov 25, 2016 | Press

Writers on the Big Screen

Princeton, New Jersey, January 1938: Before the journalists arrive, Albert Einstein takes a moment to himself. Sixty at the time, Einstein knew what he owed his audience. With a few practiced motions, he fluffed out his gray-white mane until it stood out in all directions. Then he entered the library at the elite university, where the camera crews from the American weekly newsreels were already waiting for him.

News from Nov 25, 2016 | Press

University Students and Olympians

When competitive athletes are also students at the same time, they are often faced with a balancing act: Attendance obligations and test dates need to be coordinated and juggled with training camps and competitions. But because the Olympics and world championships are not geared toward the rules of study programs, nor are test dates scheduled around sporting events, the situation frequently requires compromise.

News from Nov 25, 2016 | Press

Conference - Cultural heritage, disaster resilience and climate change: the contribution of EU research and innovation

The conference focuses on the role of research and innovation for the protection of cultural heritage sites in face of climate change and natural disasters. The European Commission invites researchers, innovators and policy makers to discuss current developments and future steps during seminars and workshops.

News from Nov 18, 2016 | EU Liaison Office in Brussels