Strategic Partnerships

One of the new key components of Freie Universität’s internationalization strategy is to establish Strategic Partnerships worldwide with a number of leading foreign research institutions. These particular partnerships aim to impact on as many areas of university life as possible and to deepen teaching and research cooperation.

Freie Universität Berlin and its Strategic Partners strategically implore opportunities to develop joint research and study projects, to jointly organize conferences and events, and to systematically promote junior researchers. The exchange of administrative staff serves to further improve the frameworks of cooperation.

The first four partners were identified in a bottom-up approach analyzing already existing contacts and joint projects as well as the potential for future collaboration. In 2011 and 2012, Freie Universität Berlin initiated three Strategic Partnerships with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Peking University, and the St Petersburg State University. In 2014, the University of British Columbia was added as a strategic partner. The latest partnership of this type was established with the University of California Berkeley in October 2016. To promote the development of further joint activities, Freie Universität and its partners dedicate special seed money funds. Please check the individual strategic partnerships for current calls for proposals.

Further Strategic Partnerships are currently being developed and it is planned to establish eight to ten such partnerships over the coming years.

Since 2015 Freie Universität Berlin, together with its four strategic partners, focuses on sustainability as a comprehensive topic for collaborating in research, teaching, and campus management within the framework of the University Alliance for Sustainability.

More than an Agreement

The core motivation behind these deeper bilateral alliances is simple: Enabling the use of synergies and facilitating the pooling of strengths and resources through a closer collaboration in the field of research, teaching and administration. The goals of Strategic Partnerships are:

  • Strengthening research through the use of synergies
  • Improving the promotion of young scientists, in particular through closer cooperation in doctoral education and joint supervision of candidates
  • Developing unique opportunities for students, from joint summer schools to structured mobility patterns, to joint teaching modules and collaborative degree programs
  • Advancing the Career-Path-Model of Freie Universität through reliable frameworks for the exchange and qualification of junior researchers and teaching staff
  • Promoting administrative staff through structured exchanges
  • Synchronizing efforts in raising third party funding for joint projects in research and teaching