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European Research Council (ERC)

ERC Starting Grant:

ERC Starting Grants aim to support the academic and scholarly independence of recipients of support through building a research team. Candidates can apply to receive ERC Starting Grants for up to five years. Each grant encompasses a maximum project budget of 1.5 million euros.

ERC Consolidator Grant:

The ERC Consolidator Grant program is aimed at junior researchers seven to 12 years after earning a doctorate. The goal is to build or consolidate an excellent independent research team. The support is open in terms of subject. The maximum amount of funding available for one project is 2 million euros, and the maximum period is five years.

ERC Advanced Grant:

Through the Advanced Grant program of the European Research Council (ERC), established scholars and scientists at EU research institutions can receive support in order to realize outstanding and innovative research projects in the field of fundamental research.

Proof of Concept Grant:

A Proof of Concept Grant is an additional funding option for ERC projects that are currently in progress or have already been finalized. It is aimed at ERC grantees who wish to commercially exploit an idea arising from their project.

Recipients of funding under all four ERC programs are involved in research at Freie Universität Berlin.

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  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Reich
    Subject Area: Experimental Physics
    Project: Quantum Optics in Nanostructures (OptNano)
    Year: 2008 - 2013
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Rolff
    Subject Area: Zoology
    Project:  Multidrug Resistance and the Evolutionary Ecology of Insect Immunity (EvoResIn)
    Year: 2012 - 2016
  • Univ.-Prof.Dr. Frank Noé
    Subject Area: Computational Molecular Biology
    Project:  Physicochemical Principles of Efficient Information Processing in Biological Cells (pcCell)
    Year: 2013 - 2017
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Eisert
    Subject Area: Theoretical Physics
    Project: Taming non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems (TAQ)
    Year: 2013 - 2018
  • Prof. Kirill Bolotin
    Subject Area: Experimental Physics
    Project:  Unlocking New Physics in Controllably Strained Twodimensional Materials (Strained2DMaterials)
    Year: 2015 - 2020
  • Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kaufer
    Subject Area: Virology
    Project:  Integration of Herpesvirus into Telomeres: From the Mechanism of Genome Integration and Mobilization to Therapeutic Intervention (INTEGHER)
    Year: 2016 - 2021
  • Prof. Dr. Elena Giannoulis
    Subject Area: Japanese Studies
    Project: Emotionale Maschinen: Forschungsprojekt zur Interaktion zwischen Menschen und Robotern
    Year: 2016 - 2021
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  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Franke
    Subject Area: Experimental Physics
    Nanoscale Spin Interactions and Dynamics on Superconducting Surfaces (NanoSpin)
    2014 - 2019

  • Prof. Dr. Haike Antelmann
    Subject Area: Microbiology
    Project: Protein S-Mycothiolations and Real-Time Redox Imaging in Corynebacterium Diphtheriae in Response to ROS Stress and Infection Conditions (MYCOTHIOLOME)
    Year: 2015 - 2020

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  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidtke
    Subject Area:
    Islamic Studies
    Project: Rediscovering Theological Rationalism in the Medieval World of Islam (RATIONALISM)
    Year: 2008 - 2013
  • Prof. Dr. Regine Hengge
    Subject Area: Plant Physiology and Microbiology
    Project: Cyclic-di-GMP: New Concepts in Second Messenger Signaling and Bacterial Biofilm Formation (SecMessBiofilm)
    Year: 2010 - 2013
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Küpper
    Subject Area: Comparative Literature
    Project: Early Modern European Drama and the Cultural Net (DramaNet)
    Year: 2010 - 2016
  • Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler
    Subject Area: Mathematics
    Project: Structured Discrete Models as a Basis for Studies in Geometry, Numerical Analysis, Topology and Visualization (SDModels)
    Year: 2011 - 2015
  • Prof. Dr. Hélène Esnault
    Subject Area:
    Project: Fundamental Groups, Étale and Motivic, Hodge Theory and Rational Points (RATIONAL POINTS)
    Year: 2012 - 2014

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Warstat
    Subject Area: Theater Studies
    Project: The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre (AestApp)
    Year: 2012 - 2017
  • Prof. Dr. Markham Geller
    Subject Area: Ancient Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
    Project: Fragments of Cuneiform Medicine in the Babylonian Talmud: Knowledge Transfer in Late Antiquity (BabMed)
    Year: 2013 - 2018

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias C. Rillig
    Subject Area: Biologie
    Project: Gradual and abrupt environmental change: connecting physiology, evolution and community composition
    Year: 2016 - 2021
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  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Eid
    Subject Area:
    Psychology, Methods and Evaluation
    Production and Perception of Emotion: An Affective Sciences Approach (PROPEREMO)
    2013 - 2015
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Liebal
    Subject Area:
    Evolutionary Psychology
    The Grammar of the Body: Revealing the Foundations of Compositionality in Human Language (GRAMBY)
    2014 - 2019
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  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidtke
    Subject Area:
    Islamic Studies
    Weaving the Humanities into the Web and the Web into the Humanities. Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Yemen by Creating an Universally Virtual Library of Manuscripts (HumanWeb)
    2013 - 2014

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