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  • GVP VII (subject-related) (5 CP)

    • 19311720 Course Cancelled
      Work and Life Tools (Lutz Prechelt)
      Schedule: Mo 16:00-18:50 (Class starts on: 2020-11-02)
      Location: T9/SR 005 Übungsraum (Takustr. 9)

      Additional information / Pre-requisites


      The weekly lecture is of three hours length.


      The course language is German.





      Work and Life Tools

      In this course we will shed light on those questions which decisively influence a successful course of action in one's studies and profession and the success and contentment in private life.

      These are mostly less technical abilities but rather characteristics: purposefullness, self confidence, ability to concentrate and relax, decision-making ability, clear communication, self-perception, motivation, stamina.

      The purpose of this course is to trigger and improve a purposeful and self-motivated personal development.

      Furthermore, it is explained how and why great parts of the so-called soft skills arise almost independently when developing the above-mentioned abilities.

      This course is a seminar in the original sense: mainly a discussion in which each participant explores something on his/her own (in this case his/her own behavior). However, the format differs completely to what the title "Seminar" ususally suggests in Computer Science: there are no topics assigned, no presentations, no papers. It is about ...  (Es geht um Bildung, nicht um Ausbildung)

      The number of participants is limited; prior registration is necessary. The course requires study experience and therefor cannot be attended by first semesters.

      I expect an open and commited particpation of all particpants. The course demands only a moderate expenditure of time, but a considerable input of will power.

      Suggested reading

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