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Current Exhibition: "Rudolf Dutschke: Selective, Annotated Bibliography of Revolutionary Socialism"



Exhibition from 4 February 2019 to 1 March 2019

Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 20:00
in the University Library entrance hall

In October of 1966 Rudi Dutschke (1940 – 1979) published a selective, annotated bibliography of revolutionary socialism, "Ausgewählte und kommentierte Bibliographie des revolutionären Sozialismus, von K. Marx bis in die Gegenwart" as a special issue of SDS – Korrespondenz (to be found online at: https://www.mao-projekt.de/BRD/ORG/SDS/SDS-Korrespondenz/SDS-Korrespondenz_1966_03a.shtml, accessed 4 February 2019, and http://www.infopartisan.net/archive/1967/266764.html, accessed 19 January 2019). In the 23-pager, Dutschke, starting out with early Marx writings, covers some eighty publications by and about anarchists and proponents of Marxism, publications relating to labor movements and soviet republics (sometimes called council republics) in various countries, to Soviet Marxism, and to the communist- / socialist-oriented states of his time in China, Cuba, and Vietnam. In Dutschke's own words (p. 3): "Diese ausgewählte Bibliographie will nichts als die wesentlichen Prozesspunkte der Entstehung, der Entfaltung, der Rezeption und Weiterentwicklung der marxistischen Theorie literaturgeschichtlich kennzeichnen." I.e., this bibliography has no other purpose than merely that of marking the essential points in a literary time-line illustrating the process of the emergence, the unfolding, the reception, and the development of Marxist theory.

By means of this bibliography, Dutschke distances himself from traditionalist positions within the Socialist German Student Union (Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund, SDS) (cf. the education program proposed by the comrades and Marburg SDS members Frank Deppe and Kurt Steinhaus at the 21st SDS delegates' conference; see, in particular, section III "Schulung und theoretische Arbeit im SDS", p. 9 ff., esp. 11 f.). In his view, following Karl Korsch, the early socialists, syndicalists and bolshevists are not heretics; rather, he sees their writings as responses to various historical changes (see Wikipedia Rudi Dutschke, accessed 20 January 2019).

The bibliography was reprinted several times and was "newly edited" in 1969, with four pages added, as Nr. 1 of Kleine Agitationsbroschüren (Druck- und Verlagskooperative Heidelberg – Frankfurt – Hannover – Berlin).

The bibliography proves 26-year-old Dutschke's comprehensive knowledge: Since taking up sociology at Freie Universität Berlin, he had profoundly studied Marx's writings, the early socialists' and the anarchists' writings, as well as pertinent secondary literature.

The exhibition presents all titles listed in the bibliography that could be made available from within the Freie Universität libraries' holdings, each combined with Dutschke's commentary. Biographies and writings exploring Dutschke's role within the student movement are added for context.

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