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Alma – What It Is

Alma is a cloud-based library management software designed to perform all library tasks – from acquisition to cataloguing and to managing loans. Alma is the successor to the well-established software Aleph.

The new software, Alma, promises ideal support for changed routines with printed as well as electronic media, better possibilities to observe how library services are being used (analytics) and reduction of the volume of technical maintenance operations.

Alma opens prospects of closer cooperation with other libraries in a shared Alma network zone.

The Humboldt-Universität, Technische Universität and Universität der Künste libraries are also switching to Alma with the turn of the year.

Data Protection

Our users' person-related data must be protected. Therefore, both the data protection officials at the Berlin Universities and the Data Protection Officer to the State of Berlin have been involved in the contractual agreements with the software company.

The hard- and software platform where the person-related data relevant to data-protection legal regulations are stored and processed is located in Amsterdam and, consequently, within the European legal space.