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In case of submission of copies in microfiche format

Candidates must submit the master microfiche, the number of microfiche copies (specified in their department's regulations), and three copies printed and bound (see general).

Technical requirements: The microfiche must be produced on the basis of an original dissertation print supplied by the candidate to the producer. Please note that all information listed on the sample title page (see general) must be included. The following standards must be observed: DIN 19054 (microplan film, microfiche), DIN 19051 (test card), and DIN 19070 (durability).

A microfiche sheet has a header for the title and an array of 98 images (reduction factor no higher that ×24). The header must contain the following information: author, title, location and name of university, year of defense, university department; and pagination. Please mind using the correct name of your academic department, see Academic Departments. In the last part oft the header the number of microfiche sheets is depicted (see example).

We will gladly check the PDF file of your dissertation for formal criteria before printing.

The following microfiche-manufacturing companies are recommended:

1.) MIK-Center GmbH
Please use the contact form to request a current price quote.

The prices and information regarding the processing of orders can be found on the websites.

We reserve the right to reject microfiches that do not meet our specifications.