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No, it is also possible to send us the required documents by post. When all is complete, we will issue the acknowledgement of receipt and send it directly to the examinations office.

Another possibility is that a third person submits all the required documents for you. An authorization is not necessary.

The numbers specified on our website are decisive. The information given in the doctoral regulations are not always up to date in that respect. You can find the reliable numbers sorted by department under     

Regulations concerning doctoral graduation

The imprimatur (permission to print), meaning the authorization to publish a dissertation after the defense, is issued by the department. The original of this paper has to be submitted to the Dissertations Department.

If necessary, please contact the appropriate examinations office.

One part of the URL which you found is probably:


The sequence of numbers which follows after /handle/fub188/ is the ID number of the document you are looking for. If you add this ID to the URL https://refubium.fu-berlin.de/handle/fub188/ you will have the URL of the dissertation you are looking for.


The URL of the separate chapter which you found:


The URL leading to the start page with all the metadata belonging of this dissertation:


Copies of a publishing house

Standards for dissertations published in a publishing house where the print run is not 150 copies at a time but which offers a “print on demand” service, meaning (additional) copies will not be produced until the company receives an order:

Provided that:

  • it is guaranteed that 150 copies can be held ready
  • the title is kept available for at least 5 years
  • the title is entered in “Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher” (the German list of available books)

we don’t need a written confirmation about the print run. Still, we request that you provide us with an electronic version of your dissertation which will not be made available online until after five years. This guarantees long-term archiving on our server which is certified by the German Initiative for Networked Information (DINI).

Electronic Doctoral Theses

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