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Login for Primo and Library Computers

Freie Universität Berlin Students
Students of Freie Universität Berlin log in to the library portal Primo and the library computers with their zedat-account. FU students can change their password, home address and redirect to preferred e-mail addresses themselves in the ZEDAT portal.

Example: User name johndoe    
  Password Assigned password, changeable in the ZEDAT portal

External Users
For logging in, the library card number serves as user number (Benutzernummer). The inital Password, as a  rule, is your date of birth (format ddmmyy), the 1st letter of your surname and an exclamation mark. 

Example: Benutzernummer/User number 1380E1401602
  Password 051276t!

External users with an officially confirmed living address in Berlin or Brandenburg can take media out on loan.