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Course Reading Lists

Setting Up Course Reading Lists

Teachers can have printed books and e-books relevant to their courses set up as course reading lists in the library portal Primo.

To have a course reading list implemented, please turn to the staff at your library.

Coming up: As of the winter term (WS 2017/18), there will be a module in Blackboard that will allow you to directly link to the relevant print and online resources in the library portal Primo.

Search in Course Reading Lists

In Primo, the course reading lists are presented within a scope of their own with special search and filter options (course title, course number, teacher). The purpose of course reading lists is to ensure that the pertinent sources are available to all course participants. Therefore, printed materials included in the lists are excluded from loan during the corresponding term.

At the University Library, the listed books are moved to the Reading Room and displayed in the reserve area there. At the other libraries, where most holdings are presented in open display and, therefore, are easily accessible anyway, the books often stay in their regular places and are not moved to a reserve area; in that case, course reading lists function as "virtual reserves."