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Reading Room

The Reading Room is divided into two sections, the Main Reading Room and the Silent Reading Room.

In the Main Reading Room there are 200 working spaces, of which 20 are equipped with library computers (thinclients and ZEDAT PCs). The Reading Room is air-conditioned.

In addition, there are seven study carrels and some more working places in the area of the newspaper shelf and in the Open Journals Stack.

Notebooks and Mobile Devices

Users can bring their own mobile devices; most desks are equipped with electric sockets. Wireless LAN or LAN connections are available for Freie Universität Berlin members and eduroam participants.
Mobile phones must be turned off.

Silent Reading Room

The Silent Reading Room is the quietest room in the Library. There are no library-owned computers in the Silent Reading Room but you can work there with your laptop.


Water in transparent bottles is allowed.

Reserve Collections

Teachers can select important sources for their courses; these titles will then be temporarily located in the reading room and be excluded from loan.