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Mailing list of the Academic Advising Centers

Dear colleagues, the Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling of Freie Universität Berlin would like to intensify the exchange among colleagues within Germany between the annual conferences. Thus, we offer to everybody who is interested a forum for the exchange of opinions und news with more than only a regional relevance. Topics: Current issues in academic advising and psychological counseling for students. You can register yourself or delete yourself from the list.

Information on how to participate in the exchange by this mailing list can be found here (in German):


We wish you a lot of fun communicating with your peers.

On 8.12.10, 272 peers were registered on this list. List coordinator is Siegfried Engl

Contact: Allgemeine Studienberatung der Freien Universität Berlin - Dipl.-Psych. Siegfried Engl - Iltisstr. 4 - 14195 Berlin - phone: 030-838-55019 - E-Mail