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On the Road

Environmental Week: Schools@University at Bellevue Palace

Schools@University followed an invitation of the German UNESCO Commission to present our work in June 2016 during the Environmental Week on the grounds of Bellevue Castle. We represented a good practice example of transformative education.

Long Night of the Sciences 2016

In 2016, Schools@University again offered the "Färberwerkstatt" workshop and answered questions like: How to create colours like pink, green or blue from cabbage? Did you know that it is possible to make colours, cosmetics, ink and even paint from moss, roses, soil or oranges?

SchülerUni meets oikos Leipzig

Oikos in an international students’ organization working for a sustainable society in the fields of economy, ecology, and social issues. Schools@University and SUSTAIN IT! visited Oikos in May 2016 to exchange ideas and network.

Long Night of the Sciences 2015

In 2015, Schools@University offered the "Färberwerkstatt" workshop, which is very popular during the bi-annual project weeks. Visitors learned how to used plants to create natural colours and dye clothing or paper.

Long Night of the Sciences 2014

Schools@University and SUSTAIN IT! offered an Energy Workshop to help visitors understand and create renewable energies.

Experimentdays at Tempelhofer Feld 2013

In 2013, Schools@University participated in the EXPERIMENTDAYS. Sustainable housing, future-proof urban gardens and local projects were the focus of creative activities.

Participation in the anti-nuclear power demonstration 2011

Shortly after the Fukushima disaster, one of Germany's largest protest against nuclear power took place. Schools@University joined 120,000 protesters to demand alternative forms of energy.