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On the Road

Environmental Week: Schools@University at Bellevue Palace

Schools@University followed an invitation of the German UNESCO Commission to present our work in June 2016 during the Environmental Week on the grounds of Bellevue Castle. We represented a good practice example of transformative education.

SchülerUni meets oikos Leipzig

Oikos in an international students’ organization working for a sustainable society in the fields of economy, ecology, and social issues. Schools@University and SUSTAIN IT! visited Oikos in May 2016 to exchange ideas and network.

Long Night of the Sciences 2015

In 2015, Schools@University offered the "Färberwerkstatt" workshop, which is very popular during the bi-annual project weeks. Visitors learned how to used plants to create natural colours and dye clothing or paper.

Long Night of the Sciences 2014

Schools@University and SUSTAIN IT! offered an Energy Workshop to help visitors understand and create renewable energies.

Experimentdays at Tempelhofer Feld 2013

In 2013, Schools@University participated in the EXPERIMENTDAYS. Sustainable housing, future-proof urban gardens and local projects were the focus of creative activities.

Participation in the anti-nuclear power demonstration 2011

Shortly after the Fukushima disaster, one of Germany's largest protest against nuclear power took place. Schools@University joined 120,000 protesters to demand alternative forms of energy.