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Teachers' trainings

Teachers' training in September 2015

Teachers' training in September 2015

Teaching for a Sustainable Future

Schools@University is aimed at both students and teachers. Considering the gaps in environmental education at schools, Schools@University focuses on educating teachers. Teachers as crucial disseminators need support. Therefore, since 2009 we have been offering accompanying four hours teacher trainings. Here, eachers are equipped with insights into the topics of sustainability and climate protection as well as with relevant methods and competencies. Experienced local stakeholders present successful methods, teaching units and material. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) background knowledge and insights into current scientific debates are also part of the teacher trainings

Methods like “World Café“inspire the teachers to train other teachers. This constructive exchange of ideas results in an authentic dialogue called “teachers train the teacher”. Project ideas, strategies and concepts can be discussed. New inspirations for teaching modules are also presented among colleagues with the support of Schools@University.

Each year, around 140 teachers attend the two annual trainings. On these pages, you will find further information about the trainings and some material for ESD. Participation in the teachers' trainings is free. If you visit a training, your class will be considered for the following Schools@University week above others. We are happy to provide you with a certificate of attendance.