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Cooperation with spinoffs: Discovering the startup mindset

Many established companies are looking for more than just dialogue with researchers affiliated with the university; they also want to work together with innovative young businesses. We are happy to put people in touch with our startups at network events and upon special request.

This section presents a selection of spinoffs created with the participation of students, graduates, scholars, scientists, and researchers from Freie Universität Berlin, in order by the year of founding. The list is updated on an ongoing basis. You will also find more information about our startups on startbase or at Startup Map Berlin If you are part of this group yourself and would like to be included in the list or are interested in working with one of the spinoffs, please contact:

Aneta Bärwolf
Phone: +49 30 838-73634
E-Mail: aneta.baerwolf@fu-berlin.de



Business Concept

Department of the mentor and/or origin of the founders




CharisMe is an app designed to help people improve their social and emotional skills. Developed by psychologists and therapists, CharisMe combines science-based methods and scenario-based exercises with the aim to empower users in developing self-confidence and building more fulfilling relationships.


Educational sciences and psychology

Get2Germany UG

Get2Germany connects global medical talents with German perspectives. Our process navigator accelerates the admission process for foreign doctors, while clinics get transparent access to their language and professional training Ecomics, Charité

Marille e.V.

The "Marille" team is founding a model school for sustainable education. The school offers an individualized concept that allows and promotes free and self-determined learning and supports students through targeted formats and structures. The students learn to actively participate in the world and to shape it for the future.

Educational science

PAPS Zahnschutz GmbH

"PAPS" stands for "Performance And Protection Splint". We protect the teeth of athletes with our 3D printed individualized sports mouthguards. The focus lies on dental quality with a high-precision fit and performance effect. The digital and innovative process simplifies the workflow and reduces waste and postal routes.


PraxiPal GmbH

PraxiPal’s AI receptionist automates phone calls in medical practices. With this, the team aims to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and wants to improve access to healthcare.



ambria GmbH

ambria is revolutionizing elderly care through advanced digitalization and automation to make life easier for elderly people and caregivers alike

Economic sciences, business informatics
aMStart gUG

aMStart is a digital health platform for young adult patients with chronic illness. Through a digital 1:1 conversation between newly diagnosed and diagnosed young adults, we create an onboarding into a new life situation

B4 PharmaTech GmbH

B4 PharmaTech works with cell-free protein synthesis systems as an efficient alternative to the expression of proteins in living cells.

Cell-free produced specific antibodies are invaluable in diagnostics as well as in therapy and are used in the form of antibody-drug conjugates, fluorescence-labeled antibodies and antigen-binding single-chain antibodies and nanobodies.

By optimizing the biological process flows in defined reaction environments, an individual adaptation of the synthesis conditions to the requirements of the respective protein can be achieved.

Bio, Chemistry and pharmacy

Epapa is a Berlin-based start-up that develops an AI-powered maths app for people with math difficulty. We produce educational videos and exercises for those who feel completely lost. We leverage the unique perspective of a former math struggler and have successfully demonstrated that abstract thinking can be simulated and taught! 

Groupera GmbH

With Groupera, we create a platform that allows users throughout Germany to easily organize, participate, or establish self-help groups online. Our users thus have the opportunity to access a low-threshold offer regardless of their place of residence, without waiting times, and tailored to their life situation

IdeaLab.Systems UG

Our system "InnoRadar" supports companies in their innovation processes by providing inspirational as well as market-oriented information for evidence-based decision making just-in-time, thus contributing to the acceleration and the probability of success of product or service development.

Mucosa Tec GmbH

MucosaTec GmbH has set itself the goal of protecting the population against influenza with a nasal spray. The antiviral platform technology can be quickly and easily adapted to pathogens. The invisible mask is not only intended to protect at-risk groups, but can also be the first choice in the event of another pandemic. The technology prevents infection and is intended to be used as prophylaxis or post-exposure prophylaxis


Biology, Pharmacy

My Green Window UG

MyGreenWindow seeks to revolutionise vertical planting by providing an affordable and easy-to-install vertical planting system.

UniWearables GmbH

Development of a medical wearable for sensing vital parameters in clinical wards and care facilities. These are continuously and wirelessly transmitted to medical staff and enable a trend-based decision-making basis.

YouCan! gUG

YouCan! is a therapy-accompanying app for the psychosocial support of children, adolescents, young adults with a chronic disease and their relatives. It offers those affected scientifically based psychological support with target group-specific functionalities to promote active disease management

Educational science and psychology, health psychology


aureka UG

aureka is your tool for indexing, editing and analyzing audio(visual) media. We leverage AI so your content is searchable and works for you!

Mathematics and Computer Science
GreenHomeNow UG GreenHomeNow is an online platform that allows homeowners to get online and in real time at least 3 offers for the installation of a solar system from qualified companies and book them through our platform Economics
iur.crowd UG

iurCrowd implements visions to offer so-called legal analytics on a large scale for the first time in Germany with modern technology from the fields of machine learning and natural language processing in order to catapult legal research to the next level by extracting statistically significant information from court decisions and presenting it vividly

LIMAA Technologies GmbH Development of an End-to-End  latform for automated 3D-Histology Charité
LipoCheck GmbH

LipoCheck is a HealthTech startup for improved diagnosis and therapy support of the disease lipedema. With an AI-powered health app, they enable early detection and daily support for millions of women.

LOT1 - Faire Kunstauktionen für Berlin UG

LOT1 is an art auction house based in and concentrating on Berlin whose auctions bring together young and old, buyers with both large and small budgets, and both well-known and previously unknown artists.

Maila Health GmbH

Maila Health is a mission-driven startup that seeks to improve maternal and newborn healthcare experiences and outcomes through meaningful innovation in digital health.

Bioinformatics and Digital Transformation
Exazyme GmbH

Exazyme is using AI to develop enzyme mutants that can produce proteins and edible fats from CO2 and can also be used in other biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes.

Mio Health UG

Mio Health is a highly personalised, at-home digital health coach to help patients with heart diseases to change their daily habits and reduce their risk of costly future cardiac events.

RooWalk Mobility GmbH RooWalk is supporting children with motor disabilities to become more autonomous by developing a new type of electrically powered walker. Charité
SAFIA Technologies GmbH SAFIA Technologies combine the advantages of different analytical methods into one product. Our rapid tests allow simple and inexpensive multiplex analysis for food monitoring applications BAM
Sylby GmbH Sylby is a language learning app that focuses exclusively on pronunciation Department of Philosophy and Humanities
Department of Romance Philology
Gallo-Romance Linguistics


CerAMing GmbH CerAMing markets an additive manufacturing process ("3D printing") developed specifically for the needs of advanced technical ceramics. It also produces final ceramic parts with the material portfolio alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide. BAM
Healthy Gut Healthy Gut improves the quality of life of people with digestive problems. Mathematics and Computer Science
Mastory Storyline Mathematics GmbH Mastory turns standard math classes into interactive, immersive science fiction storyline games. Closely aligned with existing curricula at elementary and secondary schools, we provide unique contextualizations of mathematical topics at the edge of serial fiction and math education. To this aim, we connect specially designed devices, students’ personal devices and teachers’ desktop computers into a highly dynamic and social Internet of Things (IoT). Mathematics
mindR UG With its AI-powered Voice-to-Personality (V2P) technology, mindR automates companies' hiring processes and optimizes recruiters' performance. Economics
Omiqa Bioinformatics GmbH Omiqa Bioinformatics offers bioinformatic data analysis for scientists from academia, biotech and diagnostics. The team of bioinformaticians and biochemists Alexander, Didrik and Tom develops technically sophisticated solutions to accelerate gain in scientific knowledge Biology, Chemistry
recoupling UG

The recoupling app enables couples and couple constellations to work on their relationship with professional support. Digitizing the most effective form of couples therapy in combination with an AI-based feedback process. We love to make love work!

Information Systems
TeraSpinTec GmbH 

The Berlin-based startup TeraSpinTec GmbH develops, manufactures and sells so-called spintronic terahertz emitters. These make it possible to efficiently and easily convert light pulses from almost any spectral ranges into pulsed terahertz radiation. Interesting applications for such terahertz pulses arise, for example, in the quality control of food and color coatings or in the spectral analysis of chemical substances. 

YIN YOUNG & YOU gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

YIN YOUNG & YOU - an individual online prevention program for the mental well-being of children and adolescents. This programm includes the special needs in different family situations and important topics for children with a high risk to become mentally ill, like children of mentally ill parents. We the app we take the children on a journey to themselves, where they get support in their self-esteem by creative, movement-oriented and scientific-based therapy methods. Additionally, within the adventure, the kids learn about sensible subjects in a child-oriented and playful way.

Educational Science and Psychology



Aivy UG

Aivy identifies individual potentials of applicants and provides more valid data for better personnel selection

Information Systems

Aumio UG

Aumio is the mindfulness app for children's mental health. In simple exercises and courses children playfully discover their feelings and learn how to deal with emotional challenges in everyday life. Aumio offers easily accessible help for children who are struggling, among other things, with attention problems, tantrums or hyperactivity

Educational Science and Psychology

Carbon Instead UG

Carbon Instead offers solutions to apply the negative emission technology biochar on an industrial scale in innovative products and existing material cycles of the
construction industry to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings


Großjungig AI UG

Großjungig AI is the first and only rental platform for seniors and young people powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Großartig. Großzügig. Großjungig.

Marketing, ethics

ImmunometriX UG

Development of innovative diagnostic assays in the area of autoimmun diseases


Kornwerk für die regionale Biodiversität GmbH

Kornwerk produces regional milk alternatives using heirloom oat varieties. In doing so, it promotes biodiversity, both in the fields and on our tables. Kornwerk avoids plastic waste by using reusable glass bottles. The drinks are produced and sold in the region around Berlin, thus minimizing greenhouse emissions through short transport distances

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Mage Labs GmbH

Mage develops a software to optimize the pricing of apps by using machine learning technologies Information Systems

mindamins UG

mindamins is the creator of "not less but better", a training app that helps people learn healthy smartphone habits Health psychology

ooohne GmbH

ooohne develops dishwashing soap by leaving out anything that does not belong in dishwashing soap. While normal washing-up liquids consist of 80% water, ooohne leaves out the water and offers the relevant ingredients as powder packed in waste paper. These can be mixed with tap water to make liquid dishwashing soap. This not only saves plastic, but also 80% transport weight. Economics

Rising Eagle GmbH

Rising Eagle presents the platform "HEIDI" (Heimat Digital), which maps domestic retail stores, service companies, domestic associations up to the city administration as a digital sales and shopping platform. T





Aivar Technologies GmbH

Visualization and analysis of human motion by video or sendor input

Information Systems

CertainlyLab UG

CertaintyLab develops AI based control of traffic lights.

Mathematics and Computer Science and Information Systems

Levity GmbH

Development of a platform that allows companies to develop their own customized AI solutions without the need for internal AI specialists or expertise.

Information Systems

Die Zukunftsbauer gUG

Educational initiative and interactive teaching concept for study and career orientation in preparation for the working environments of the future

Institute Future
EyeLogic GmbH

Development and manufactoring of High-Performance Eye tracking Systems

Mathematics and Computer Science
Famedly GmbH

A digital platform for secure exchange of data in the healthcare industry


GHOST – feel it. GmbH

Development of smart technologies that enable people with nerve damage to feel something again.


innovate 255 UG

innovate 255 supports high potentials from university and industry develop digital innovations. They provide an action-oriented digital platform at frameworks.in255.com for this purpose


JobAl UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Smart communication assistance in combination with messenger apps far a matally efficient application process

Mathematics and Computer Science

Knuper UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Software and consulting services with the aim of making mobile radio metadata usable as auxiliary data for official statistics.


Mobanisto UG

Development of map and mobility solutions using open and linked data.

Mathematics and Computer Science


Development of an innovative online portal for international students in Germany

Educational Science and Psychology

Nia Health GmbH

The first comprehensive and intelligent support for atopic dermatitis patients


Peregrine Technologies GmbH

Peregrine Technologies`AI based traffic video analytics software improves the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the urban traffic ecosystem

Mathematics and Computer Science

Prometheus Science UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development of a cost-effective and freely accessible microscope, which can be assembled according to individual needs.

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

PWP Leeway UG

Objective stock analysis for private traders and investors facilitated by machine learning

Mathematics and Computer Science

QoD Technologies GmbH

Development of a SaaS solution for chemical predictions based on AI and quantum mechanical simulations to reduce the number of lab experiments

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Veteducators GmbH

Development of teaching models for the simulation of invasive interventions on experimental animals in teaching and research

Veterinary Medicine

Yolife GmbH

Improving quality of life and health with IT support

Information Systems

7Learnings GmbH

Optimizing prices for online merchants and automating the pricing process

Mathematics and Computer Science




Alpha Strike Labs GmbH

Alpha Strike Labs GmbH are a security consulting company specialized in industrial security and advanced security assessments

Mathematics and Computer Science


Development of a smartphone with focus on efficiency, productivity and longevity

Mathematics and Computer Science

circular.fashion UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development of software for circulating fashion

Mathematics and Computer Science

Construyo (Partum GmbH)

Digital network for construction service providers


FROGO AD UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Analysis and optimization of online advertising campaigns


Nocturne UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

OCT- analysis for neurological applications


QuadCover GmbH

Development of mathematical methods for geometrical processing for industrial applications

Mathematics and Computer Science

REMATCH Data Technologies GmbH

Resource matching at process item level


Restrunner UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Automated monitoring and error detection for IT systems

Mathematics and Computer Science

Secure Systems Engineering GmbH

Develops secure IT systems and supports clients during the project with regard to IT security and data protection

Mathematics and Computer Science

Vital Monitoring GmbH

Smart multi-parameter monitoring for humans and animals


Warehousing1 (Digital Logistics GmbH)

Online platform and software for renting commercial warehouse space





carida products GmbH

Fashionable, functional pantys with integrated insulin pump pocket


dearemployee GmbH

Data- and evidence-driven recommendation and communication of the most effective measures to promote employee health and personnel development in companies

Educational Science and Psychology

Digital Partners GmbH

Market network that enables the search, selection and implementation of digital technology solutions for businesses. Data-driven processes recommend the most efficient solutions and support project implementation.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Lab-on-Fiber GmbH

Development and production of sensory laser probes for minimally invasive surgery and diagnostics


license.rocks GmbH

Platform for software license management of the future: Secure, simple and transparent management of software usage rights and automated, needs-based trading create trust between manufacturers, dealers and companies.

Mathematics and Computer Science

selenOmed GmbH

Research into the health significance of selenium and reliable determination of selenium status


StackFuel GmbH (dataX)

Interactive online learning environment for Data Science & Big Data technologies

Mathematics and Computer Science

Turbit Systems GmbH

Solutions for increasing efficiency and optimizing the operation of wind turbines





AFFS Affective Signals GmbH

Analysis of human interactions in video conferences with special focus on non-verbal communication signals

Educational Science and Psychology

Inspirient GmbH

Fully automated business data analysis for decision makers



INURU brings paper to life by printing simple displays and placing them on paper, thereby increasing the impact of print advertising and packaging at the point of sale.

Economics and Physics

Mathe im Leben gGmbH

Mathematics experience for pupils and teachers, with playful and digital science communication projects such as the school competition "Maths in Advent". Mathematics and Computer Science

mindpost GmbH (whispeer)

Development and distribution of whispeer: an end-to-end encrypted social network and communication tool for private and commercial use.

Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics

Neurospective GmbH

Development and implementation of neuroscientifically based marketing research for the stationary retail trade.

Educational Science and Psychology

plilend UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

plilend mediates sustainable investments & simplifies banking processes

Political and Social Sciences

Sample of Science GmbH

Peer-sharing platform for scientific samples

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Scadacs U.G

IT Security

Mathematics and Computer Science

SciFlow GmbH

Web-based software to assist researchers in writing, improving, and publishing their scientific work


Slascone GmbH

SLASCONE helps software and device manufacturers to license, analyze and monetize their software

Mathematics and Computer Science




Anacode GmbH

Software for multilingual text mining (Chinese)


AniMatch UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Online mediation service for the exchange of organs and tissues of killed animals for scientific purposes.

Veterinary Medicine and Charité


Design, production and marketing of modern, networkable sports equipment

Mathematics and Computer Science

Broken Games UG (haftungsbeschänkt)

Platform for game developers and operators

Mathematics and Computer Science

Buah GmbH

Freeze-dried fruit smoothies

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Economics

Desaia GmbH

Software for generating virtual worlds

Mathematics and Computer Science

e-ditio CTC UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Online platform for international proofreading services for all aspects of digital publishing

Mathematics and Computer Science

Finiens Business Service GmbH

Tailor-made programs for Chinese decision-makers in politics, business and the education sector.

History and Cultural Studies

Hozi oHG

Web service that makes it easy to create tangible images on the Web.


PerformaNat GmbH

Development and marketing of a feed additive for dairy cows

Veterinary Medicine

Renovinga GmbH

Craftsman platform for handicraft services


Schlauluchs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Brain research translated into everyday products

Educational Science and Psychology

splone UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Automated inspection of industrial IT networks

Mathematics and Computer Science

TeachSurfing gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Offers travellers, refugees and locals the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with schools, nonprofit organizations and communities.

Mathematics and Computer Science

viomedo UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Linking of patients with suitable clinical studies

Charité, Mathematics and Computer Science




Erdforscher UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Geological hands-on laboratory for children and adolescents


Mineko GmbH

Verification of service charge statements online and digitally


pokoko Studio UG (haftunsbeschränkt)

Mobile Game

Mathematics and Computer Science

redcyan GmbH (now AntiHero GmbH)

Mobile Video

Mathematics and Computer Science

Store-Anything UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Warehouse with delivery and pick-up service

Mathematics and Computer Science

tandemploy GmbH

job sharing platform

Philosophy and Humanities

TapTap Mobile UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (now: Funeria Trauerhilfe GmbH)

Visual and interactive information reception via the screen background

Mathematics and Computer Science

Traxas Media UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Non-contact, interactive outdoor advertising spaces with extensive analysis options for site operators and advertisers

Mathematics and Computer Science

volatiles lighting GmbH

Development and distribution of digitally controlled lighting systems

Mathematics and Computer Science




CodeMS UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Individual consulting and software development in the field of mass spectrometry

Mathematics and Computer Science

DendroPharm GmbH

Development of pharmaceutical excipients for targeted drug transfer into skin and tumor tissue

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Erdmann Technologies GmbH

Optimization and development of synthetic nucleic acids with a focus on use as innovative drugs

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy
Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

GreenGrass Vision Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

permanently installed mini cameras for counting, measuring and recognizing objects

Mathematics and Computer Science

Infinite Potentials Consulting GmbH

Consulting company for specialized strategy and technology consulting for African organizations

Political and Social Sciences

labfolder GmbH

Digital Laboratory Book

Mathematics and Computer Science

Modal AG

data-driven modeling, simulation and optimization of complex processes in logistics and medical technology

Mathematics and Computer Science

Mynigma UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Secure email encryption made easy: an email app that automatically protects your privacy

Mathematics and Computer Science

parelectrics UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development, manufacture and marketing of equipment for the investigation of substances and objects of all kinds, biology and medicine using electromagnetic spectroscopic methods.

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

rootAbility UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development of participatory governance structures for sustainable development at European universities

Political and Social Sciences

Scankampagne UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Digitization of media (photos, slides, negatives, videos)


shyftplan GmbH

Software for personnel organization for event and trade fair agencies

Mathematics and Computer Science

supperclubbing UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Platform for private food events

Mathematics and Computer Science

trickyard UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development of iOS apps, especially games, entertainment software and utilities - stand-alone and on-demand

Mathematics and Computer Science

trinckle 3D GmbH

 Making 3D printing easy

Mathematics and Computer Science /Physics




AutoNOMOS Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (now: Autonomos GmbH)

Individual security solutions through technologies from robotics research

Mathematics and Computer Science

Bildungsnetzwerk Comenius Berlin GmbH

Social enterprises and educational service providers for local primary and secondary school pupils at their schools

Educational Science and Psychology

Chariteam UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Engagement platform that communicates the sustainability activities of companies.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Dolosys GmbH

Measurement of "pain" in sedated, unable to communicate patients


Doxter GmbH (now: doctena)

Booking of doctor's appointments online


FirstFlow GmbH

Device for early diagnosis of arterial occlusive diseases and individualized non-invasive vascular therapy


Food Generation Systems UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Generation of creative sustainable systems for the production and use of high-quality food and animal feed

Veterinary Medicine

fubalytics GmbH

Online video analysis in sports for soccer, handball, basketball and other team sports

Mathematics and Computer Science

kenHub GmbH

An Internet platform optimized for mobile use for structured and sustainable learning and memorization of medical content.


molox GmbH

Services in the field of protein production

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Pensatech Pharma GmbH

Commissioned research in the field of pharmacy

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

SpacialDB UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Cloud-based memory and API for developers that enable real-time, location-based applications to be deployed in just minutes

Mathematics and Computer Science




barzahlen - Zerebro Internet GmbH

Development of an online payment system

Mathematics and Computer Science

Companisto GmbH

Crowdfunding for start-up companies


Elefunds GmbH

Software for online shoppers to round up their payments and donations to NGO's

Mathematics and Computer Science

Etosalon UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Multibrand online shopping club for Russian-speaking community

Economics and Cultural Studies

Farfromhomepage GmbH

first platform for creative browsing

Philosophy and Humanities

Grasse Zur Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Testing of fibre composite materials

Federal Institute for Materials Research  

i-chron Fahrschulsoftware UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Booking system for driving schools

Mathematics and Computer Science

INWT Statistics GmbH

Statistical consulting and analyses


iversity GmbH

Development of an online platform for research and teaching

Philosophy and Humanities, Economics

Klickfilm UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Development and marketing of a software technology for media providers

Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science

SpreeLabs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Temperature reference plate (TRP) for validation of real-time PCR devices

Charité, Economics

SunaCare GmbH

Counselling and placement of nursing staff for care in a domestic community


Uplivion Technologies GmbH

Development and marketing of innovative technologies for cloud-based streaming of computer games via the Internet

Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics




3d-berlin vr solutions GmbH

3D visualization/routing systems for buildings and areas


chocri GmbH (formerly Bruck Duge GbR)

Creation of individual chocolates, online delivery

History and Cultural Studies

Dahlem Research & Consulting Group GmbH (formerly NRC UG haftungsbeschränkt)

Consulting on the transfer of basic research into market-based applications of concepts in the fields of network management, personnel and organizational consulting


ExploreB2B GmbH

thematic contact initiation in the B2B area

Mathematics and Computer Science

futingo GmbH

Development and marketing of innovative software systems for legally compliant and efficient implementation of security-critical business and administrative processes

Mathematics and Computer Science

German Center for Market Entry UG

Market entry consulting for companies from emerging markets; research on the internationalisation of companies

History and Cultural Studies, Law

KAIORIZE GmbH (now Think out of the Box GmbH)

web-based celebrity product placement

Economics, Political and Social Sciences

Laubwerk GmbH

Development and marketing of high-tech 3D plant solutions for highest visual quality and performance

Mathematics and Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Lebepur GmbH

Distribution of 100% fruit and vegetable shakes for every day


lucrato.de - Agora Internet GmbH

Online marketing of daily consumer goods


Mobile Event Guide GmbH

Development and marketing of a mobile software application for visitors of trade fairs and conferences

Mathematics and Computer Science

Motivado GmbH

Virtual coaching for a variety of topics

Mathematics and Computer Science, Educational Science and Psychology


Innovative software support

Mathematics and Computer Science

Pictrs GmbH

Shop system for photographers, which takes over the complete handling of the distribution of photos via the individualized shop.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Pocket Sight UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Innovative Berlin travel guide in postcard format


Quagga Media UG

Picture agency for historical illustrations

History and Cultural Studies


Virtual gallery for contemporary art


reqorder - Krauttools GmbH

Platform for customer surveys, market research and feedback management

Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics

Scopis GmbH

Development and marketing of high-precision laser-based endoscopic and microscopic measuring systems for various fields of application in minimally invasive surgery.


Siimbyant UG

Development and distribution of a software for environmental management

Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics

StatEval GmbH (now: EO Institut GmbH)

Conception and implementation of evaluation studies, statistical data evaluation and questionnaire development

Educational Science and Psychology

Stravio UG

Prevention and intervention concepts against violence in schools

Educational Science and Psychology

the Chicken by Haiku Internet GmbH

social product recommendations

Mathematics and Computer Science

Traverdo GmbH

Arrangement of sustainable travels and accommodation

Geosciences, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science

viasto GmbH

Software for video-based personnel diagnostics

Educational Science and Psychology

vismath GmbH

Platform for mathematical multimedia content

Mathematics and Computer Science




BeatAndMusic M&S GmbH

Online sales and marketing tools for independent musicians and labels


bovicare GmbH

Advisory and support institute for dairy cattle farming

Veterinary Medicine

click your pic UG

Creation of passport photos using a webcam

Political and Social Sciences  

Confiserie 2.0 GmbH

pralimio.de: Distribution of pralines for giving away or self-feeding via the Internet (customized food)


dt&s IT-Sysetms GmbH

Software and services for in-depth analysis and structuring of large electronic document inventories

Mathematics and Computer Science

durakult Gesellschaft für Biologische Technologien mbH

Optimization of starter cultures and biocatalysts through innovative bioreactor technology

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Humedics GmbH

Marketing of a novel device for measuring liver function (FLIP™)

Charité, Physics

Imooty.eu GmbH & Co.KG

The first European news and blog portal

Political and Social Sciences


Services for numerical simulation methods in preventive fire protection and hazard prevention

Mathematics and Computer Science

Mashero GmbH

Service to automatically adjust images and videos on the web to the interests and tastes of viewers.

Educational Science and Psychology

mobile melting GmbH

location based emotions - linking fictional stories or factual information with locations in the city

Political and Social Sciences

mykona GmbH

Online distribution of selected coffees, coffee education


Nanopartica GmbH

Nanotransporter for the production and stabilization of nanoparticles and implementation in existing products of different industries e.g. as antibacterial additive

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Neutron Games GmbH

Interactive entertainment software with focus on handball

Political and Social Sciences

Smoton GmbH

Personalized mass mailing of email newsletters and SMS newsletters

Mathematics and Computer Science, Economics

S.W.iM UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Educational service with the principle "Students teaching at school".

Educational Science and Psychology

Tiernotarzt Berlin

emergency medical treatment for pets at home and on site

veterinary medicine




autoaid GmbH

Workshop and new car portal autoaid.de and web-based vehicle diagnostics

Mathematics and Computer Science

Clasoft GmbH

Recipe and nutrition portal

Mathematics and Computer Science


optimized production of all printed matter including packaging, international logistics and consulting in print and media as well as business between Germany and China

Political and Social Sciences, Economics

is-research GmbH

Informatics research and research-related services

Mathematics and Computer Science

Linara Pflegedienste GmbH

Advice and placement of nursing staff for 24-hour care at home


Ontonym – Gesellschaft für semantische Webanwendungen mbH

Semantic search and comparison functions for topic-specific Internet portals and for corporate intranets

Mathematics and Computer Science

PaperC GmbH

Online platform for specialist documents

Educational Science and Psychology

Prof. Jacobsen Unternehmensberatungs-
gesellschaft mbH

business consulting


qcons GmbH

Buy organic herbs and spices online


Stakr GbR

Conception and realization of web applications

Mathematics and Computer Science




3S Antriebe GmbH

Innovative actuator systems for valves


beyo GmbH

Reading systems for the blind and visually impaired

Mathematics and Computer Science

Die Fans Media GmbH

Community for regional football

Political and Social Sciences

direktzu - relevantec GmbH

Development and operation of Many-to-One communication systems

Mathematics and Computer Science

Gorilla Cases GmbH

Protective covers for mobile devices



Arrangement of student internships

History and Cultural Studies





Aponeo is a mail-order pharmacy based in Berlin. In addition to the traditional mail-order business, APONEO develops innovative services or technical solutions for applications such as e-prescriptions together with partners such as telehealth providers.


cc-works Gesellschaft für Informationssysteme mbH

IT services

Mathematics and Computer Science

Goldmedia Custom Research GmbH

Analysis of eye parameters

Educational Science and Psychology

inbion GmbH

Life science services

Mathematics and Computer Science

RatioDrink AG

Distribution of juice concentrate

Educational Science and Psychology

The Organizers Berlin Irmisch und Schmidt GbR

Event and project management






Distribution of rapeseed oil

Educational Science and Psychology

ScatterWeb GmbH

Development and marketing of hardware and software for wireless sensor networks

Mathematics and Computer Science




Blubbsoft GmbH

IT-supported evaluation of teaching

Mathematics and Computer Science

2k Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Communication and E-Business Solutions


IS Insect Services GmbH

Performance of behavioral tests on insects

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy





Personnel services for trade fairs and events





Desire Caterings

Catering for exclusive and outstanding out-of-home events


Rap.ID Particle Systems GmbH

Mobile systems for automatic chemical analysis of microparticles on gases and liquids

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy




Informus GmbH

Remote sensing, environmental assessment, software development


Keksbank/Berliner Traumjobs/Hofbäckerin

Business start-up consulting


LiveMap GmbH

Application and development of geoinformatic methods for the acquisition, administration, processing and visualization of spatial data and information


Projektron GmbH

Web-based project management





Borchert GeoInfo GmbH

Location analysis, geoinformatics, cartography


Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH

Development and operation of internet-based information services for the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

ebuero AG

Online secretarial service

Educational Science and Psychology, Economics

Idealo Internet GmbH

Price comparison portal on the Internet


PSF biotech AG

Research on proteins

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Examples from the last millennium



Mologen AG

Development of DNA-based drugs against diseases with high medical need

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Noxxon Pharma AG

Development of innovative pharmaceutical products

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy


Development of RNA technology

Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

Teekampagne Projektwerkstatt GmbH

tea mail-order company

Educational Science and Psychology

Vistac GmbH für optische Messseysteme & taktile Information

Development of electronic mobility aids