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How is the support provided?

  • The founders each receive 2,000 euros in funding per month for a period of six months. There is an option to extend for another six months. An extension is possible if the startup service and/or mentor supervising the project recommend that aid be provided and if an interim presentation shows that providing further support makes sense.
  • The relevant Revenue Office (Finanzamt) is responsible for determining whether the grant is subject to income tax. Since the grant does not establish an employment relationship, recipients do not have health insurance, unemployment insurance, or pension insurance during the funding period. Grant recipients are required to obtain health insurance for themselves.
  • The place of work is the incubator spaces and labs on campus. Recipients are supported by the startup assistance organizations at the universities, and they participate in a training and qualification program.
  • Founders are provided with the necessary infrastructure (office and work space, equipment, labs), subject-specific and business administration knowledge and expertise, and supporting advice and/or training modules.
  • The aid provided by the Berlin Startup Grant is subject to the de minimis rule (aid).
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