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Berlin InnoBridge: It’s all in the mix.



Berlin InnoBridge is a structured innovation program based on findings from research on entrepreneurship. With guidance from professional coaches, representatives of companies, scholars, scientists, researchers, and students enrolled in master’s degree programs work on real-world innovation projects on an interdisciplinary basis. Five rounds of the program, each focusing on a different topic, are currently planned.

The program kicks off with a one-day workshop where participants get to know the innovation ideas, form teams, and start their work. Over the weeks that follow, the innovation ideas are visualized, tested, and further developed. To accompany these activities, five afternoon events are held to impart knowledge and skills relating to business model development, market and competition analysis, marketing, and presentation techniques. On Demo Day, the teams present their results.

Participation is worthwhile for scholars, scientists, researchers, and companies alike:

  • You present your research findings and work in interdisciplinary teams to develop market-ready innovations based on them.

  • You get to know innovation methods and apply them in practice.

  • You get to know interesting researchers and companies from Berlin as possible cooperation partners or employers.

The program is financed by the Berlin business sector. For further information, please visit the Berlin InnoBridge website at www.berlin-innobridge.de

If you are interested in participating, please contact Tomasz Gingold.

contact person:

Tomasz Gingold
+49 30 838 62887

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