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Anita Traninger

Anita Traninger | Freie Universitaet Berlin

Anita Traninger | Freie Universitaet Berlin

Global Humanities Senior Research and Teaching Stay at Harvard University

September 2015

Anita Traninger is a Fellow of the Einstein Foundation at Freie Universität Berlin, where she teaches Romance and Comparative Literature with a focus on rhetoric and the history of knowledge. Before joining Freie Universität in 2004, she was a Managing Director of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. In Berlin, she is the director of two multi-annual research projects, one on the genealogy of impartiality as a scholarly ideal and one, in the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre “Episteme in Bewegung”, on the ‘question’ as an epistemic genre. Her books include a study on the debate about universal methods of gaining and feigning knowledge between 1500 and 1720 (Mühelose Wissenschaft, 2001) and two volumes on knowledge and performativity (Macht Wissen Wahrheit, 2005; Dynamiken des Wissens, 2007, both ed. with K. W. Hempfer). Her most recent book publications are on practices of conflict and genres of debate shared by and jointly shaped by scholasticism and humanism (Disputation, Deklamation, Dialog, 2012), and on The Emergence of Impartiality (ed. with K. Murphy, 2014).