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Xiao Yang

Xiao Yang

MA Student

Freie Universitaet Berlin

Xiao YANG studied Chinese Linguistic and Literature at Shanxi University in China, is currently a postgraduate student of Comparative Literature at the Free University Berlin. Her research interests mainly include the comparative study of European novels in the 19th century, the modernity interpretation of the romantic literature and so on.

Analysis of the Transformation and Modernity of Post-Romantic

From the beginning to the middle of the 19th century, romantic literature experienced a period of rising to prosperity. In the post-romanticism period, people's understanding of the concept of Romanticism has changed greatly. From the perspective of sociology and literature, post-romanticism is obviously different from the early romanticism. My research analyses the concept of the post-romanticism through the change of romanticism in modern times, sums up the characteristics of the modernity of post-romanticism, and explore the post-romanticism influence on modern literature.