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Vincent Ho

Vincent Ho

Department of History

PhD Candidate

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vincent Ho holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Hong Kong Baptist University and Master’s degree in Comparative and Public History from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he is currently pursuing a MPhil degree in history under the supervision of Prof. Hsiung Peng-chen. Before starting his MPhil programe, he worked in HKBU as a research assistant helping the project of Dr. Sun Yat-sen that they have launched a database and held several exhibitions. Currently, he is working on the Chinese history of youth, children and family, focusing on the Chinese concept of adolescence.

Adolescence in China

Vincent Ho’s project centers on the identity building of Chinese youth in Republican period. In this research, he is trying to show how Chinese students in the early twentieth century studied at middle school and university and argues that the peer relations and youth culture in school became a driving force of student movement. Adolescence, as a psychological concept, became an interpretative device for the formation of youth identity.