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Anna Pravdyuk

Anna Pravdyuk

Cultural and Intellectual History: Between East and West

Master Student

National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Anna Pravdyuk has just been enrolled in MA Program ‘Cultural and Intellectual History: Between East and West’ at Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. Her BA degree was received in Journalism (Media Studies). Anna’s research interests include Public History, national identity in literature and media, representation and mythology of authority. During her BA course she studied national symbolic in Russian mass literature of the 19th century. She is currently studying the role of media in the formation of cultural and historical memory. She was an academic assistant on the courses of Russian literature and an intern in Russian leading newspapers and online media.

Representation of Romanovs’ History in Russian TV Documentaries of 2000-2013

The issues, related to understanding such concepts as authority, national idea, patriotism, national identity are topical in public and scientific discussions nowadays. The reflection on the historical events plays specific role in the society, becoming a part of the political and ideological discourse. The construction of the contemporaneity seems to be impossible without comprehension of the historical events.
The purpose of Anna’s research is to reveal key patterns of the Romanovs’ history in the context of Public History studies in Russia. The object of the study is Russian TV documentaries, with a main focus on projects of 2013, the year of the Romanovs’ 400th anniversary. This anniversary provided an extensive empirical basis to the historical politics research and actualized the problems of commemorative processes in Russia in the beginning of the 21st century.
The aim of the study is to consider the historical documentary project under the influence of historical politics, role of the media platform and the audience’s reception. The author considers the TV project “The Romanovs” (2013, Star Media and Channel One Russia) as the most representative for revealing current strategies of historical representation of the Romanovs’ history in Russia.