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Zacky Khairul Umam

Zacky Khairul Umam | Freie Universitaet Berlin

Zacky Khairul Umam | Freie Universitaet Berlin

Mulla Ibrahim al-Kurani (d. 1690): An approach to the Islamic scholarly tradition in a post-classical age

Freie Universitaet Berlin

No scholars have sufficiently addressed Medinan intellectual rnilieu during the seventeenth century. This study will fill this crucial gap in the established literature by investigating social and intellectual forrnation of seventeenth century Ottornan Medina. This study will focus specifically on the intellectual project of a Kurdish scholar, Mulla Ibrahirn al-Kurani (d. 1690). Through a close reading of previously unstudied rnanuscripts of this scholar and his conternporaries, 1airn  to dernonstrate that Mulla Ibrahirn contributed to the developrnent of both rational and transrnitted sciences in Medina where his ideas were transrnitted, appropriated, and also refuted throughout Mediterranean and Indian Ocean Muslim cultures.

Zacky Khairul Umam, graduated from the University of Indonesia in 2008. He is now a PhD candidate in Islamic Studies funded by the German Research Foundation at Freie Universitaet Berlin. Before moving to Berlin, he undertook graduate studies and research supported by some international institutions in Canberra and Istanbul, and short visits to several cities in the Near East. His current research deals with the intellectual formation of seventeenth-century Medina. In addition to his passion to Islamic history and thought, he pays attention to the notion of cultural dynamics, especially in Indonesia and its entanglement with the wider Muslim world.