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Yi-Wei Fu

Yi-wei Fu

Department of History and Cultural Studies

PhD Candidate

Freie Universitaet Berlin

Yi-Wei does her doctoral research in the faculty of Iranian Studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin. Her research focuses on analysis of paintings under the cultural background between Zoroastrianism and Buddhism along the 7-10 Century Silk Road. As she studied art history of East Asia at University Heidelberg, she had an overview of Buddhist ritual in Dunhuang Cave on the paintings and then she conducted the analysis of Buddhist paintings which also displayed the interaction between different cultures at the ancient time. Now she traces the movement on the ancient Silk Road to find out the influence between religions on the paintings.

Pictorial Interaction Between Zoroastrianism and Buddhism Along the 7-10th Century Silk Road

Yi-Wei Fu’s project deals with the paintings in 7-10th Century, which were found along the Silk Road and have an integration of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism.

Based on the cultural and historical Background the artistic remnants can be traced from Europe to Asia. According to the manuscripts and the inscriptions at the ancient sites the communication between the Sogdian people and other tribes are further interpreted in terms of archaeology and linguistics. And concerning the religions paintings serve as evidences and offer a pictorial perspective to have a cultural overview. Therefore this research focuses on the analysis and the development of paintings.