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Where can I print, scan and copy?

It is possible to print in the ZEDAT PC Pool. You can top up your print credits with the Mensa Card and access the ZEDAT printers. The computers for topping up your account are located in the ZEDAT PC Pool in front of the IT Info Service office (corridor JK 27). A pricelist is available here.

Workstations with A4 colour scanners are available in the ZEDAT PC Pool. At these workstations, scanning has priority over all other tasks: if necessary, they must be vacated for users who wish to scan something. This does not mean that you can immediately claim another workstation. Instructions for use are provided on the cover of each scanner. For text recognition you can use the program “Adobe Acrobat.” You may find further information here (only in German).

Copying can be done at the copiers in the Philological Library. The Mensa Card is also required here.