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Purchase Suggestions

Is there a book, a journal, a database that you think the University Library or one of the department libraries should consider acquiring?

Please complete the purchase suggestion form on the UB homepage.

Sign in and complete form

A valid library card or, for Freie Universität students, a Campuscard are required. Some fields like email or name are mandatory.

You will find the link to the suggestion form also at the bottom of each Primo result list.

Personal requirement?

In completing the form, you can specify whether you require the publication personally and want to take it out or read it or whether the intention behind your suggestion is simply to draw attention to an important publication missing from the library holdings (in which case the book will not be put on hold for you when it has been acquired).

Notification about purchase decision and delivery

You will be informed by e-mail whether the publication will be acquired or not. If the publication is acquired and in case you specified that you require the publication personally, the libraries will try to make it available for you as fast as possible.