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Favorites serve to collect datasets found in Primo. In order to set favorites click on the pin icon.

The advantage of using favorites is that you can easily get back to datasets resulting from your searches without having to repeat those searches. This would also be an easy way, for example, to put together a list of books that you have taken out or browsed. Also, you can use this functionality to remember books that you want to take out later.

To access your favorites, click on the pin icon above the search box.

   → Demo: Saving, labeling, and exporting favorites (video | 2:32  )

Saving favorites beyond one session

Sign in if you want to save items for future Primo sessions. That way you can keep interesting discoveries in Primo and get back to them at a later time. Labeling also requires signing in.

Labeling favorites

You can organize your favorites by labeling them. Simply click on the pencil icon, type in a label name and press the return key. Click on the pencil icon again in order to remove the label.

If you check the checkboxes, you can assign one label to up to 30 datasets at once (pencil icon above the result list).

By clicking on a label name on the right side, you can open all records that you have applied that label to.

Exporting favorites

If you collect records from the library portal Primo as favorites, you can then export up to 30 records at once, so that you can import them into a citation manager, for example (compare: Exporting catalog data).

On the "My Favorites" screen, you will also find your Saved Searches and Search History.