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Pickup Locations

Pickup Locations

Pickup Locations

Regular requests, hold requests, selection of pickup locations

When you place a request, you can specify to which Freie Universität library you want to have it delivered for you to take out on loan. (Exception: You cannot have items delivered to the Philological Library). There is a list of the possible pickup locations in the request form.

Remember: Request and hold options appear in the library portal Primo only after you have signed in and only for items for which placing a request is either possible or necessary. As a rule, that will apply to items in closed stacks or items that are currently out on loan and not to items in open shelves. Note that items in the University Library are a special case because you can either retrieve them yourself or request them.

For which items is it not possible to select pickup locations?

Please note that you have to retrieve all items from the shelves yourself that you want to take out on short-term loans or weekend loans. The same applies to items that are excluded from circulation and to items in open shelves, which users generally have to retrieve themselves. Also, special holdings, such as protected or rare materials, are excluded from book transportation and, in most cases, can only be requested to be used in special areas of the respective library.

Inter-library loans are always processed through the University Library only.

The Philological Library cannot be selected as a pickup location for items belonging to other Freie Universität Libraries.

Delivery times – e-mail notifications on delivery

Please factor in that transportion to your selected pickup library will take one to two days. You will receive an e-mail to let you know when the item has been delivered and how long it will be on hold for you.

Returns possible at all Freie Universität libraries

You can return Freie Universität library items at any Freie Universität library, regardless of where they were taken out – except for inter-library loans, which have to be returned to the University Library.

Note: Self-checkout machines can process items belonging to the respective library only.

Note: There is no transportation between Freie Universität libraries and the Charité libraries.