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Lending Policy

Who can apply for a library card?

  • The valid student card is also the user card for students enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Students at Berlin's universities (student card must be presented)
  • Adult residents of Berlin or Brandenburg who present their identification card or passport with verification of their place of residence.
  • Adolescents: Residents of Berlin or Brandenburg who are 16 years of age or older with declaration of consent from parents
  • Non-residents of Berlin or Brandenburg can apply for a temporary guest card that allows them to use digital resources in the reading hall and borrow from the stack collections in the reading hall. (Passport must be presented)
  • Research associates who are verified guests of Freie Universität receive a library card for FU employees

How much media can be borrowed?

  • FU students: 20 items
  • FU employees: 30 items
  • Charité employees: 20 items
  • Regional Institute of Freie Universität: 20 items
  • External users with library card: 20 items

Which media cannot be borrowed?

  • The predominant portion of the collection can only be borrowed by members of Freie Universität. Information about borrowing is displayed after you have logged into the library portal PRIMO.
  • Books and media with catalog mark Usage on-site cannot be borrowed.
  • Periodical issues or periodical volumes generally cannot be borrowed.

Loan periods

After registering in the library portal the loan periods for individual media are displayed. The loan periods depend on which user group you are in.

  • The loan period for media that can only be borrowed by members of Freie Universität is 2 weeks.
  • The loan period for media that can be borrowed by everyone who is entitled to borrow is 4 weeks.
  • Media with a "Usage on-site" status cannot be borrowed.


  • Renewals can be made via the library account, by telephone, mail or e-mail as well as in person at the library. The due date is displayed in the account.
  • Items can only be renewed up to period of 6 weeks, as long as the books have not been requested by another user.

Is it possible to reserve items?

  • Borrowed items can be reserved by another user online, go to the library portal PRIMO.
  • Reserved items will be held at the library for pick-up for 5 business days. If they are not picked up they will be returned to their location.

Please ask the employees at the circulation desk if you have any questions about borrowing, or contact them directly at ausleihe@philbib.fu-berlin.de