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Book Trolley for Students

Who can book the book trolley?

The book trolley is available to students of FU-Berlin. A valid student ID card is required for verification.

How is the book trolley assigned?

Each interested person can fill out an application at the circulation desk. The requests are treated as a waiting list in the order they are received and the user is informed when a trolley becomes available.

How long can the book trolley be used for?

The trolley is available 2 months at a time for exclusive usage. You can ask at the circulation desk how many pending requests there are. If there are no pending requests the usage of the trolley can be extended by another 2 months.

What can be stored in the book trolley?

Private media can be stored in the book trolley for the entire duration of usage. Media from the library's open stacks can only be locked in the trolley if they are booked in advance on your library account. Storage of materials that have not been borrowed is not permitted and results in the trolley being taken away immediately.

We recommend not leaving any valuable items, like notebooks, wallets, or keys in the trolley. The library is not liable for any possessions that go missing.

How do you sign up?

The application is available at the circulation desk.


Write to us at buecherwagen@philbib.fu-berlin.de