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Group Study Rooms

Three separate group study rooms are available on Level ―1, behind the tunnel passage, where work can be done in small groups. The rooms serve exclusively as learning areas for students and cannot be used for anything else. They are accessible without registration.

Large study group room

This room can be used by several groups at the same time. It can also be used to participate in webinars, but a noise level is to be expected here due to the other groups.

Medium and small study group room

These rooms are only suitable for one study group at a time. Group use has priority over individual use, i.e. as soon as a group wants to use the room, individual workers must find another place and release the room.

Room regulations for the study group rooms

The study group rooms are exclusively available to students of Freie Universität. External occupancy is not permitted.

All objects and furniture in the group rooms should be left in the room and not removed from the room. In particular, the transfer of tables from the neighbouring rooms and chairs from the library area is prohibited.
Doors must not be locked.
The view through the glass panes in the doors must be kept free and shall not be covered or obstructed.
Walls, tables and windows must not be covered with stickers or painted.
Entering and leaving the rooms through open windows is strictly prohibited.
If these rules are violated, the space must be vacated. Serious or repeated violations of these rules may result in a house ban and damages may habe to be paid.
In addition, the general terms and conditions of use for the Philological Library in the regulations of 24. 08. 2017 apply.