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Printed Journals

The issues of subscriptions for the current year are located on Level 0 in the journal racks behind the information desk.

Older issues are located on Level ‑1 in the journal area (shelf marks starting with Z) left of the stairs.


Please also note the large Selection of E-Journals.

Many journals are now only being continued in electronic form and can only be found through Primo. If there is a subscription of the printed issue as well, a QR tag leads directly to the electronic issue.

Daily Newspapers and Popular Magazines

The shelves for daily newspapers and popular magazines, like Der Spiegel, Bild der Wissenschaft, Spektrum der Wissenschaft etc. are located in the reading hall area in Documentation Center UN-EU of the Main Library/University Library. An extensive collection of daily newspapers are available in the Library for Social Science.

Please also take note of the licensed and free archives of daily newspapers in Primo.