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"In its moderately modernized and beautifully renovated state, the Henry Ford Building shines today almost more so than before. Its superb shape is again clear and undisguised, since during renovation a proliferation of built-in cupboards was removed in order to create a bright exhibition hall.

The preference of the 1950s for the refracted color palette of mossy green and gray was replaced with the stark contrast of black and white, so that the Henry Ford Building sparkles in our university days as a jewel of the story of politics and architecture, a grand testimony of both." (Gerwin Zohlen, architecture critic and alumnus of Freie Universität Berlin)

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Short Film

There is a 2-minute film presentation of the re-opening ceremony in the Henry Ford Building available as a Real Media Video.

  • To play the video, you need at least an ISDN Internet connection and RealPlayer from the company Real Networks; available to download free of charge.